This Is Why This Year Will Be The Year Of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules the world of Search Engines. And you will be surprised to know that The Market Leader Google filters over 12,000,000,000 search queries this year, in the U.S.

Wondering why you need to optimize your product? Google search optimization is one of the sure ways to market your product, bringing new business opportunities to light. Also, it is quantifiable as it allows you to measure through proper tracking and analytics. Hence, it proves to be a definitive way to keep track of all actions taken.

Higher Conversion Rate:

It guarantees higher conversion rates, hence giving your website a top position.

Higher Close Rates:

Statics reveals that SEO results in an average of 14.6% close rate.

Search engine optimization includes indexing content correctly and implementing relevant strategies. Google search optimization enables the search engine to appear your product in the actual search results.

Establishing an Online Authority:

Various elements establish online authority and increase visibility in search engines. Online authority is a result of elements like:

• Quality backlink profile

• Machine-learning signals

• Positive user behavior

• Optimized on-page content and elements

Impact on Buying Cycle:

SEO techniques impact the buying cycle. Your product starts to appear when customers do their research. Through enhanced visibility, customers find your product easily.

Better User Experience:

Search engine optimization helps you create an easy to navigate, user friendly, mobile-friendly website. Consequently, there are more clicks, more visitors, more leads, more conversions. Google search optimization is a must for better brand recall and higher search ranking.

Better Cost Management:

SEO brings organic traffic reducing overall advertising costs. You don't have to pay millions and millions of dollars for inbound or outbound lead generation. 

(i) Inbound Lead GenerationSearch engine optimization requires you to spend very little, or almost nothing on inbound lead generation activities - such as blogging, social media management, search engine optimization, referrals, etc.

(ii) Outbound Lead Generation - Google search optimization helps in better cost management when it comes to outbound lead generation. Which includes activities like making cold calls, direct selling, as well as visiting the clients.

Building Brand Credibility:

Once SEO gives you the top place in Google search results, users begin to trust your website. On the contrary, if you are at the bottom, visitors may think you are new in the field. As a result, they might not trust you.

Brand Awareness:

Search engine optimization leads to better brand awareness. As a result, your brand starts to appear in organic search which attracts more visitors and increases brand awareness.  

Mobile Friendliness:

Mobile-friendliness is another important parameter to increase visibility.

Long Term Marketing Strategy:

If you want to maintain an optimal ranking, Google search optimization proves to be the long term marketing strategy. An aesthetically appealing website with effective user-friendliness not only builds a strong foundation but also is easily discoverable.

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