Diamonds on the soles of her shoes: Why Women Are the First to Engage a Digital Marketing Agency

I am Nauman Akbar, the founder and owner of MessageMuse. My company is a full service digital marketing agency that can do everything to create website design to design a reputation management strategy.

I have been in this business for decades—as a consultant, as a professor, and as an entrepreneur. What I have noticed as I have made my way in digital marketing is an odd phenomenon: In an industry dominated by men, women are the first to embrace the science and art of social media as way to get their message out. So dominant is this pattern that even my mother and sister have commented on it. It is a personal revelation that has given me pause and made me spend more than one afternoon thinking about this mystery. You see, I have a much closer perspective than most—I am the proud dad of three young ladies and watching them grow and learn has given me an insight that most do not have. My clients come to me from all walks of life—business, entertainment, government. But the first to recognize what a digital marketing strategy can do are women.

The services they need are as broad as those requested by male clients—website design, app development, reputation management, and branding. But women are always the believers in the power of social media strategy.

What I have come to understand is that women, long before men will ever admit it, are quick to ask for help from experts. They are not afraid to admit they don’t know everything about everything. And digital marketing is one of the special fields that requires experience in both the technology and strategy of connecting with others.

I have also noticed through watching my daughters, my sisters, and my mother that women understand the power of sharing with others. And they are quite focused and driven in getting their message communicated. All of us as children have experienced that focused but gentle message a mother gives you to warn that you are just one more bad act away from getting your bottom swatted with a stick. So, using a digital marketing agency to send out a laser-focused message and create a reputation management strategy around that message is a natural fit for women. They have had lots of practice and as men we have learned to listen.

Another interesting observation is that women have as their primary social connection tool communication with others. They are the great communicators. And that is what a digital agency brings to a project—high level, strategic communication that uses all means to create a feeling, an emphasis, an emotion. It is as though every part of reputation management is designed by and for women. Women are masters at using a spectrum of tools to communicate more than fellows can—color, texture, words, images, and delivery. Effective digital marketing is no different from a beautiful woman walking into a room wearing a red velvet gown, with her hair swept up with a jeweled clip, and a voice so soft that you are drawn closer just to hear what she has to say. They understand that diamonds on the soles of their shoes give just a glimpse of a sparkle that makes people want to follow them. Women have long understood the power that comes with a strategically designed image and now with digital marketing they just have another way of doing it. A creative and knowledgeable digital marketing agency understands the effective use of those tools and can help get that powerful image broadcast for all to see and hear.

So, to the women who are or will be users of social media platforms, I salute you for recognizing the power of a professional digital marketing strategy. And to the men, I would recommend that we learn some lessons from the women in our lives.

I am Nauman Akbar, founder and owner of MessageMuse. Call us today so we can get started on your digital marketing strategy. You deserve to be heard. Let us help you put diamonds on the soles of your shoes.

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