It May Take a Little Folding Money: What Are the Website Design Services Costs I Can Expect?

It may take a little folding money: What Are the Website Design Services Costs I Can Expect?

Asking what are website design services costs is a lot like asking what a house costs. The range of prices is wide and cost is likely driven by size, embellishments, and function. That is why doing your homework to identify all the features you need in a website design is so important. It will be the only way you can get a real estimate for your website design costs.

Some tips for getting what you need in a website design for now and later are

  • List out all the functions you want in your website design.
  • Prioritize the items on the list—what you absolutely need now and what can wait.
  • List out any sales campaigns that you will want your digital marketing company to manage and the frequency of those campaigns.
  • Discuss your list with your web designer

The goal here is to create a comprehensive list of what is critically needed, what has to be structured to accommodate future growth, and what are the “nice to haves”. From there your digital agency can give you a pretty good estimate about website design service costs. All so ask your web developer to quote the cost of services related to the site such as search engine optimization (SEO) services.

For basic websites that can be used for some SEO campaigns, your website design will likely cost around $3,000 to $5,000. This will be in addition to graphic art, hosting fees, SEO activities, and content. Try to get your digital marketing agency to give you a bundled price for the first year of service.

Once you begin to add communications capabilities, e-commerce functions, and some back-end accounting and inventory functions, your website design services costs could increase to over $10,000. For the hosting, content and SEO campaigns you can add $8,000 to the first year’s use.

So what are some of the options for reducing your website design services costs? Some people think they can build their own website as a way to save money. The problem is you will never be able to expand the use of that sight for the purpose of SEO, e-commerce, and other functional services that come with a dynamic website design. That is why you pay a digital marketing company or a website designer who can plan for features and growth in the years to come. Otherwise, you will be starting over when you are ready to expand your website design and functions.

So how do you trim the website design services costs? Try researching the use of an offshore digital marketing company that will provide great service, striking website designs, and continued support at a significantly reduced cost.

Many of these companies such as MessageMuse are a great choice because they offer offshore discount prices for website design while being registered company here in the United States.

You will get some great discounts which can be used for building more features into your website design. Service levels for these offshore companies is excellent and you can save a lot by cutting out the middle man in the process.

So get out that piece of paper and start planning and thinking about what you want your website design to do for you. And get your best price by considering a partnership with an offshore website design company.

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