Are You Following the Right Approach to Your Web Development Project?

Web design is of great importance. It sets the first impression of your business when the visitors come to your site. So, you must hire professionals to achieve maximum results. MessageMuse offers website development services, takes the right approach towards web development offering you web & mobile app design and reputation management through the help of highly qualified experts.

Users can judge your website within seconds. Through your designs, you can quickly make a positive impact on your audience. If you have an outdated site, your audience will get a negative impression of your business.

If you don’t know what’s the right approach towards web development project, here below is the complete guide for you:

1. Planning:

It’s one of the critical stages. What you decide and map at this point stays throughout the project. In this phase, you should focus on research about client goals, buyer persona, target audience. Discuss all the documentation with the client, such as payment terms, copyright ownership, and project termination clauses. 

(i) Requirement Analysis: This includes relevant information about the target audience and client goals.

(ii) Site Map: A site map helps you find the information if you are lost in the structure. Don’t simply list all the pages, include links as well.

(ii) Project Characteristics: It gathers all the collected information in the form of documents. These concise documents are not overly technical and contain all necessary information. 

2. Design:

Our e-commerce website development company suggest that in the design phase you should focus on what special feature your site must have. It’s the process of outlining the information that you gather in the planning phase and implementing it into reality.

(i) Wireframe & Design Element Planning: Here your website starts to take its visual shape. Use all the gathered information and start designing your site’s layout using a wireframe.

(ii) Mock-Ups: Designing mock-ups keep the design elements in place, and allow for easy modifications. It helps you in later stages during slicing and coding.

(iii) Review & Approval Cycle: Reviewing and approval takes place when the clients are finally satisfied with the basic design.

(iv) Slice & Code Valid CSS/XHTML: Here you have to slice the mock-up and write CSS and HTML. At this stage focus on gathering the visuals on screen.

3. Development:

It includes a lot of programming work. At this point take a strategic approach, and keep code organized.

(i) Code Templates: Website have lots of pages such as home, blog posts, general content, form, etc. Code templates are necessary to be created for all pages.

(ii) Fill with Content: It includes loading all content provided by the writer. It’s necessary to give attention to detail and check for typos for spelling mistakes in the content.

(iii) Develop & Test Features: Here you’re required to check special features like interactivity. It includes links functionality verification, broken links check, code validation, site health check, etc. 

4. Launch:

The lunch phase includes making your site available for public viewing.

Website Development Company:

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