The worldwide web started in 1989. Hence, in 2019 it turned 30. Over the last three decades, web trends have completely revolutionized the world like no other technology. It has empowered the tech world and web design services to build new experiences.

The number of smart devices has grown exceptionally. As a result, offering high quality and responsive web design (RWD) for desktop, mobile phone, and tablet is becoming important.

20 Biggest Web Design Trends in 2020

1. Dark Mode

Dark design is one of the main trends in 2020. Users can enable dark themes. Dark backgrounds enable higher contrast ratio and design elements stand out firmly. Also, the eye strain reduces and visual ergonomics enhance.

They are easy on the eye with the ultra-modern look. Dark modes are best for OLED screens as it extends screen lifespan and also saves power. The black color of the background highlights the accent colors, improves visibility, and results in dynamic design. That’s why web design services receive lots of demands for dark mode.

There are numerous benefits that dark mode offers with the low-light setting, for instance, it increases battery life, and it lessens the eye-strain. 

2. Imperfections that Add Personality

In 2020, the hand-drawn elements bring life and inject emotions into the websites. The heart and soul visitors crave such imperfect designs as it adds reality.

Hand-drawn icons will be a big trend in the coming years. It’s connected with the users’ emotions. It adds creativity, and positive stuff that can brighten up the visitors’ day.

Hand-drawn icons, unique designs, and other elements add to your brand personality. Your brand can stand out from the competition with a human and lifelike look. In 2020, web design services purposefully focus on messy-looking elements in hand-made illustrations or hand-drawn icons.

3. Immersive 3D Elements:

3D technology in web graphic designs are appealing to users. The hyper-realistic 3D creates an immersive experience. These 3D designs break down the boundary between reality and digital space. Static, interactive and animated 3D web designs create a true sense of depth and realism. Designers create 3D models smooth shapes with mesmerizing colors and realistic look. They give the feel and look of modern, clean and well-balanced designs. The interactive 3D effect is another digital technology that makes visitors stay on the site for a longer time.

4. Soft Shadows, Layers & Floating Elements:

To create pseudo-3D effect designers, use soft shadows and floating elements. The layered designs make it more interesting. It gives your page more depth with the 3D Lite look.

5. Ultra Minimalist Navigation:

In 2020 people prefer simplistic, minimalistic and mobile friendly web design to facilitate quicker navigation.

Designers are trying to make web designs simpler so that the users can navigate through the site smoothly.

Minimalist designs accommodate smaller devices without any difficulty in usability.

6. Collaboration of Photos and illustrations:

Combining photos with hand-made 2D illustrations is becoming a trend now. Designers replace different parts of pictures with hand-drawn illustrations and thus a fun mixture of two distinct realities is created.

7. Pattern in Web Design:

Patterns are very popular in 2020. Diverse design covers the background creates not only a refreshing look but also a mobile friendly webdesign.

8. Retro Style:

The retro style of the 50s and 60s are widely used by designers. It’s a source of inspiration as it reminds users of the past. In 2020, monochromatic or no color at all is a trend and old is becoming new again. Using duller colors, dust noise, black-and-white photos and other old design elements that remind us of the past. And other such effects with a hint of nostalgia.

9. Line Art:

Line art illustrations have made its way into web design companies with its clean, creative and professional look. They are a total hit in the world of web designs.

10. Illustrations to Combine Art & Design:

Different styles of illustrations create amazing artwork with pastels and watercolor. To create modern and weird art, characters without any facial features or other body parts, and more. Digital designers make three-dimensional hand-drawn flat illustrations using quite versatile tools.

11. Chatbots:

This technology is inevitably becoming a part of websites to improve customer service. It can handle conversations without the need of a customer service agent. In 2020 it’s a huge trend for a web design company to use Chatbot on the website.

12. Outlined Typography

One emerging trend of 2020 is outlined typography. It’s about how designers can choose from a list of fonts to work with. 2020 more designers are going through typographical experimentation. Even the imperfections in the hand-drawn illustrations can be used in the web designs as it adds real personality.

13. Massive Font Size & Over Sized Elements

Using the ever-increasing font size on the images is another trend of 2020. These larger-than-life can even be visible from across the room. It’s a trend to use brand names of large heights that can take up half of the viewport of the website’s home page.

Furthermore, huge photos and videos are eye-catching and they draw attention to your business. Usability design services use oversized elements like full-screen images, bold typography, and big website menu icons to communicate your brand message instantaneously.

14. Geometric Shapes & Patterns

Fluid or organic shapes including square, circle, rectangular, or any straight-sided shape were trending in 2019. Whilst in 2020, it’s no surprise that the opposite is trending too. Geometric patterns, shapes, and lines are becoming popular now.

15. Users-Triggered Animations

It involves combining users’ interaction with animations. These tasteful animations trigger input from the website’s visitors.

16. Trendy Color Schemes:

Some of the trendy color combinations are the parts of our daily lives. In 2020, these color schemes can make their way into usability design services. For instance, a trendy color combination set by Instagram and Pinterest is dusty blush/pale pink and primary blue. Other examples of trendy color combinations include earthy tones (browns, wood textures, tans, greens)and jewel tones (purples and greens).

17. Solid Color Blocks:

Some websites split their site into different parts that form rectangular and square blocks, speared by a different color.

18. Vibrant Colour:

Designers use bright colors for the background to increase visual interest. Simple vibrant colors of the layout can be memorable to the users. Usability design services use such colours as it’s one of the effective ways to make the visitors stay on your site.

19. Geometric Patterns:

Using geometric patterns and shapes for digital products works well. PNGs and SVG images along with the background of geometric patterns scale well.

20. Bold Typography:

Massive text is the best way to deliver your brand message. With the help of screen dominating typography, you can draw users’ attention towards important messages. Bold fonts prove to be powerful for serving a functional purpose.

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