There’s a font for that: How your digital marketing agency uses web design tools to express what your company is about. (Part 1)

In a previous article, we talked about defining your company’s personality. The questions posed should lead you to some well-defined parameters for your business and will set the tone for your custom web development.

But a business personality is a feeling. So how do you translate a feeling to your web design? Your digital agency has tools to create that mood or feeling in your web design. Those choices within the tools will then create a brand identity.

For this article, we will focus on the basic and obvious tools that are used to create your website design:

– Color
– Font and case use
– Image use and graphic layout
– Alignment, shapes, and spacing

Let’s focus on the first two components: Color and fonts.


We are all aware of the impact color has on our mood and feelings. When we walk into a room with walls painted soft blue we feel different than when we enter a room painted bright yellow. So color becomes an important impact element when your website is first seen. Your web developer can guide you to the right color choices for font, borders, and images. If you are promoting your funeral home, your custom web design will look significantly different from that of a children’s summer camp. Your choices of dominant and supportive colors will convey the message of what you do.


These become important tools for further conveying your message. Now we have so many font choices but the reality is you can eliminate a lot of options for one reason: Readability. If you want to see the signs of an amateur website design, look at the choice of fonts. Even some of the largest digital agencies are guilty of poor choices for their own website design. Remember, if you can’t read it, you can’t get your message across to customers. If your web developer creates the “can’t read” sin, scold him hard. Look for three things: the readability of the font itself, the readability of the size of the font, the readability of the font when placed over a background or picture.

We are all drawn to the beautiful old English fonts. Their fancy curls and wings that remind us of lovely calligraphy are hard to resist. But after trying to decipher two words out of three, you give up reading what is written. So the first test is to see if you can easily determine what the letters are when using a specific font. Then after readability you consider what is most in line with your company’s personality. Cute Chiclets irregular lettering may be perfect for children’s pottery classes but would not likely work for an attorney’s office. Some choices are obvious but others are subtler. This is where you get your money’s worth using a custom web development company.

Font size is another critical choice for your website design. While it appears to be an obvious criteria, the mistake of using too small of a font happens all too often. I don’t know if it is the need for white space or the choice is made by someone with hawk-eye vision; however, it happens much more than it should. As our population ages and our eyesight worsens, there will likely be more awareness of this problem. But I have to say that I get a bit mad when I open a website and have to struggle to read text. I just figure they didn’t want me to know what they were saying and move on to a competitor who made the font bigger. Remind your web developer that you want your grandma to be able to read the content so size up a bit. Since you are paying for a custom website design, ensure that your message is easy to read.

The last component of font choice is its readability related to placement. I have to say some very interesting messages can accidentally be displayed this way. Basically, this is the placement of verbiage over an image with saturated color background. For example, your web designer places a message or your business name over a picture that has both light and dark elements in it. He has chosen a black font and placed the words in the light section of the photo. Your web designer has done his job perfectly. Then you decide you want to move your message down lower in the picture and suddenly the letters disappear. The black font can no longer be read easily on the dark background of a picture or only some letters are easily visible. And it should be noted that this is not just an amateur’s mistake. Some web development services are guilty of this font faux pas as well. And after looking at thousands of websites, I guess one of my favorite mistakes was digital marketing agency that placed their contact number and address on a black footer. Because they chose a dark blue font, you could not see the phone number or address of the digital agency. I don’t think they were getting much business.

So remember the colors you choose should match the personality of your business and those fonts should always be an easy read.

Look for Part 2 of web design tools where we will discuss the use of images, shapes and spacing.

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