There’s a font for that: How your digital marketing agency uses web design tools to express what your company is about. (Part 2)

Our previous article focused on what your website designer used as tools to create the personality of your company. The obvious tools that are used to create your website design:

– Color
– Font and case use
– Image use and graphic layout
– Alignment, shapes, and spacing

We have discussed at length the role of color and font and some of the obvious mistakes you or your website developer should try to avoid. Now we need to discuss the less obvious components of website design. This will test the skills of the graphic designer who works for your digital marketing agency. This is where art meets technology.


The selection of images and graphics coupled with their layout can convey a lot about your company’s personality. But this part of web design is not as easy to get right as, say, the size of a font for readability. It is one of those things that your website developer creates and sends to you and you love it or you may feel “something is just off”. It is hard to pinpoint just what it is, but you have a gut feeling about what you have seen.

As a general rule, collages of crisply focused and sharply colored photos create a sense of energy. Whereas single photos or images in softer colors or done with filters will create a calm sophisticated feel. Whether you use borders and the weight of them will also give a different feeling to the page. Get your website designer to provide you with several options so you can compare the same mock up with different effects.

When you find a great layout stick with it and use it as a repeat theme throughout your website design. This doesn’t mean the images should be the same but the templates from one page to the next should have some familiar features. This is where your digital agency can help the most. Amateur web developers and do-it-yourself are like kids in a design store. They want to use one of everything. The end result is a lot of chaos for the viewer. Repeating design elements throughout your website will create a sense of cohesiveness and planning for what you are trying to convey.


Alignment, shapes and spacing also play a big role in the overall feel of your website design. These components along with the use of color will give a cohesive balanced feel to web pages. Professional web designers can help you create a page that is easy for the eye to accept. If all the higher value graphics and images are stacked to one side of the page, the viewer will be bothered by the lack of aesthetic balance. These types of mistakes in web design make the viewer feel uncomfortable with the outline of the page. Use these components in a way that important information is highlighted and to keep the feel of the page anchored.

So armed with a little knowledge you can start thinking about how you want your custom website design to look. To get the best outcome, enlist the help of a digital marketing agency so that they can show you the best use of tools to express your business personality.

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