The Role of Big Data in Mobile App Development

The new raw material for mobile app development enterprises is Big Data. The enterprise-wide data analytical vision enriches the growth potential of the businesses. Industry data strategy proves to be a road-map for a successful journey. Hence, it’s crucial to analyze and manage the necessary data. This is where we need big data analytics.  According [...]

Five Common Mistakes That App Developers Must Avoid in 2020

According to a report by Statista, mobile apps development will generate over $188.9 billion in revenue by the end of 2020. There’s a big chance for large enterprises like MessageMuse to earn a maximum profit based on the growing app market. Another report also shows a decline in app usage. Around 80% of apps are [...]

Mobile Application Development Market to Witness Huge Growth by 2025

According to a recent report, in 2018 the global mobile application market size was valued at 5,497 million USD, and that is projected to reach over 34,768 million USD by 2025 at the rate of 30.2%. The mobile app development platform offers comprehensive facilities to manage and create different types of apps. It brings down [...]

How MessageMuse Became one of the Best App Development Companies

Nauman Akbar kept the foundation of full-service digital marketing company, MessageMuse in the USA. That proved to be an independent digital marketing agency with technology at its core and evolved as the most trustworthy platform by partnering with world-class clients. Creating digital experiences driven by strategy, technology, insight and business intelligence.   Client-Focused Goals: Thoughtful technological [...]

Why You Should Focus on Mobile-First Approach for Enterprise App Development

Mobile is not only a dominant way of communication and social interaction but also an opportunity for businesses to grow. According to a report, up to 70% of Google searches are carried out through a smartphone. Likewise, 57% of US traffic comes from mobile devices and tablets. Hence, several companies are focusing on the app [...]

How to Hire Mobile App Developers?

Need to hire a developer for the mobile app design and development? If you’re not a developer yourself, it can be confusing to find the right person for your software project. If you’re in the start-up phase, you must focus on bringing A-level engineers. As someone who has successfully established an Android and iOS app [...]

How to Pick Server Services That Are Right for Your App?

For any mobile application development, it's very important to pick the right server. MessageMuse, the digital agency offers a full guide to choosing the right server for your app. A successful app is defined not only by the quality of its coding but also the best server. If it's not up to the mark in [...]

How to Plan your App for the Greatest Efficiency for Future Development and Enhancements?

There’s a growing demand for businesses to contemplate an app development program to reach its potential growth. Almost every company feels the need to have an app for a tablet or smartphone. Before developing an app, you must consider the initial costs of mobile app design and development and how you can maintain it over [...]

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Someone to Build an App?

Wondering how much does it cost to hire a developer for mobile app development? In 2020, the era of technological advancements, almost every brand seems to have an App. There are lots of online companies, digital agencies, and freelancers that offer app design and development services with variable rates. Online platforms like Upwork or digital [...]

Best Mobile App Development Company in the USA

In 2020, there’s increased growth in the number of mobile app development companies in the USA. MessageMuse is one such digital agency known for its online services. The plunge of apps is increasing day by day in the market of the united states - all different types of apps, from product-related apps to games, from [...]