Swift has been going through massive changes to develop into robust language. Now complex and high-end apps can be built on it. It’s now a part of iOS app development.

Swift launched two versions Swift 5.0 and Swift 5.1. There are notable features in both versions that play a crucial role in strengthening the language.

Why Choose Swift 5 for Mobile App Development?

Old programming languages like swift 5 can never die. Whether you are an individual, a startup or running a big enterprise, you should invest in the technology if you have not done that already.

Swift has the potential to develop feature-rich and highly responsive iOS applications.

Due to its numerous key benefits, it has taken over objective-c. Developers prefer using Swift 5 for iOS app development. The modern language proves to be smarter,safer and faster that enables greater interactivity in iOS apps.

It’s modern, safe and fast. It establishes interactivity in apps. Numerous useful features like closures, generics, and type interface makes it easier to use.

In other words, Swift has the features of both Objective C and C programming languages.

iOS swift is gaining popularity, due to its various key features. It’s best for creating engaging, user-friendly, flexible user interfaces in a highly customized iOS app.

It has gained popularity in a very short time. It proves to be one of the fastest-growing languages. A lot of big brands prefer using Swift Code for their mobile app development.

LinkedIn, Hipmunk, Lyft, and others have upgraded their iOS mobile application in Swift. The famous photography app VSCO also uses the Swift programming language to make the upgraded version.

Whether you want to grow your business as an individual entrepreneur or as a startup, swift offers you all the advantages to create best in class, highly functional, and fully customized iOS app, that can offer you complete client satisfaction and best user experience.

Objective-C can’t evolve without the development of C first. Swift, on the other hand, don’t have these conditions which makes it easier to use

Here below are the primary benefits of choosing Swift for the mobile app development:

Swift is Faster:

It offers speed advantages and proves to be the fastest language and better in speed than any other language. 

Swift is Safer:

Creating safer app is always a priority for startups and enterprises. Swift eliminates the chances of mistakes in syntax and language construction that’s commonly possible in Objective-C.

Swift doesn’t require much effort to build an app for the iPhone, which saves a lot of your time.

Its syntax makes you write clean code. Also, improved readability prevents errors.

Great First language:

If you’re new to the programming language, it can open a new world of coding to you. It can become your first programming language for mobile app development.


One of the main reasons why it’s best to choose Swift is its readability. It’s easier to modify, read and write. Its clean syntax makes it unique. It needs a lesser number of code lines than Objective-C, as compared to iOS apps. Startups and enterprises choose Swift for developing iPhone apps, as it reduces not only the development cost but also the development time.

Secure Platform:

In the fastest-growing world of mobile app market, we need a secure app.

Swift proves to be the modern and secure mobile app development solution. Its dialect and structure development avoid the errors that are commonly possible in Objective-C.

New Features in Swift 5.0 Programming Language for Best iOS App Development

(i) Low Maintenance:

Once an app is published it needs ongoing maintenance from time to time. For instance, once your app reaches your users, you still need to add new content, track its performance, integrate new features into it for improved functionality.

(ii) Speed:

Swift is faster than Objective-C, hence it helps in cost saving. Apple is dedicated to improving the speed so that swift can run app logic. Apple is considering swift for future development instead of objective C.

It’s 8.4x faster than Python and 2.6x faster than Objective-C. Its simple syntax helps in faster iOS app development.

(iii) Better Performance:

There will be an increased number of downloads if your app crashes frequently. Users don’t want to use a broken app. ABI stability plays a huge role in the enhanced functionality and performance.

(iv) Improved End-User Experience:

App developed with swift needs less time to install, less on-device memory, a better app experience. And helps in solving lots of technical points that cause most of the apps to delete. Hence, iOS app development results in the best customer experience.

(v) Open Source:

In 2015 swift announced as an open-source technology. It opened up a new way to employ swift across different platforms. Open source means more improvements can be made in its structure and design. Hence, future mobile apps can be development with improved functionality and enhanced performance.

If you want to take advantage of the technology fully, it must be open. Swift has abundant third party tools and a large supportive community. Swift is initially designed with a focus on speed and performance.

(vi) ABI Stability:

One of the highlights of swift is the Application Binary Interface (ABI stability). ABI is a binary equivalent of Application Programming Interface (API).

To write code for iOS app development, developers use different API of libraries. For instance, the UIKIt framework is used for developing a powerful user interface with labels, buttons and view controllers.

With ABI, users don’t have to download all the code when downloading and installing the app. iPhone already has these codes as a part of iOS. The installed app just uses the already existing binary code. Hence it’s easy to build the app.

(vii) Integer Multiples with “is Multiple (of:)”

Practical programming has numerous use cases. It requires checking if a number can be divided by any other number and if it’s even or odd.

To check if an integer is a multiple of any other number, swift 5 introduces a new function isMultiple(of:).

(viii) The Result Type

A new result type is introduced for iOS app development. This type has two states: failure or success. It’s so famous that the Swift standard library also has it now.

Is it the Best Choice to Switch to Swift from Objective-C Project?

Before getting the answer to this question, you must know how to use both Objective-C and Swift in one app. This technical concept is called bridging. When you’re going to add Swift files in the existing Objective-C project, X-code builds a bridging header file.

When it comes to adding swift in the Objective-C project there are numerous factors to consider. One of the most important factors is how urgent you need it.

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