Your Name Up in Lights: Your Digital Marketing Agency needs your help with Social Media Management.

Digital marketing consultants offer a variety of services to help get you recognized: website development, social media management, and reputation management.

You will likely do a lot of shopping before selecting a digital agency and will be glad when you hand over the project to someone else. That will free your schedule to do other things.

This idea that you can dump a project on a digital marketing agency and not be involved in the process is probably one of the biggest misnomers related to reputation management.

The reality is you will be busier than ever and you will need to provide additional financing to support your project.

To boost your presence on social media or to get your message out to the public, you have to do two things well: provide consistent high quality content to your digital agency and coordinate closely with that agency on distribution of content and events.
Remember, you have hired a digital marketing agency not a mind reader to run your social media campaign.

So what do you need related to content and promotion? For most personalities or causes you will need the following:

  1. A monthly event or message calendar.
  2. High quality photos of events (not ones from your cellphone), appearances, achievements and milestones with a description of each
  3. For celebrities or public figures, wardrobe, makeup and styling from professionals
  4. Audio and video messages of high quality
  5. Written messaging describing events, performances, appearances, milestones
  6. A budget for boosting content, geographic areas to target, and a boosting plan


To launch an effective social media management and reputation management campaign, you must find the time and money to create this content. It should be processed, organized and sent to your digital marketing agency within days of the event. If you wish to boost awareness of the appearance or event, then you need to have this set on your calendar at least two months in advance of the date so that your digital agency can get the word out.

For budgeting purposes, you should count on spending what your digital marketing agency charges plus up to 10 times that amount for all the collateral content. The 10 times rule also applies (at least at first) to the time you will spend on your campaign compared to your digital agency’s time.

What many don’t realize is that social media management and reputation management activities are content lions that will eat up everything you do very quickly. For example, a performance artist just starting out will need to have or produce a significant body of performance videos that will provide content for his digital marketing agency to post daily. For a new entertainer, there is usually not enough content already available to last more than a few weeks so the rest has to be created.

It is important that you understand the commitment you are making to your career and your digital marketing agency when you sign on to life in the spotlight.

The second requirement for an effective social media campaign is coordination with your digital marketing agency.

Remember that your digital agency has the job of telling others about you or your work. How can they do that if they don’t know you?

While you feel like your time is already pressed, this interaction with your reputation manager is imperative.

Your first meeting with your digital agency will likely be a long one in which you set goals together, set up a schedule for future communication, provide the digital agency with your existing content, and discuss next steps.

Your second meeting will likely be as long. This is where your digital marketing agency will share with you their assessment of existing content, what is still needed, and a plan for implementation. Remember that just wanting to be famous is not a business plan.

Subsequent meetings with your digital agency (either by phone or in person) will be shorter and should be either every month or every other month. Never cancel these meetings or postpone them. These will be update meetings to discuss performance and activities, issues, and any changes to your reputation management plan.

Most of all, remember that when you sign a contract with a digital marketing agency, you don’t get to stop working. In fact, by signing that contract you have taken on a partner that will make you work even more to achieve your goals. But that is why you hired them to begin with, isn’t it?

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