First Steps to Social Media Management

It’s Wild Out There: First steps to Social Media Management (SMM) through your Digital Marketing Agency

New and expanding businesses have so many tools at their disposal for marketing products and services. Unlike the options of 30 years ago, there is much more than a print ad campaign that can be used. But with the increased choices of comes added burdens of managing and monitoring the processes. It is more than website design and search engine optimization (SEO) that has to be managed which is why so many businesses carve out part of their budget for social media management services through a digital agency.

Here are some tips for completing the first steps to launching a successful social media campaign.

Pick your tools:

First comes the decision as to which social media platforms to use. While some businesses may do well using twitter, others may have a better fit with Facebook to accommodate video and picture content. This is where a digital marketing consultant is invaluable. If you are going to spend time creating and using social media campaigns, you have to pick your tools wisely. Digital marketing agencies have a lot of experience with what works and what doesn’t. The price of that education is worth it to ensure you are on the right path.

Once you have chosen your social media platform or platforms then the planning has to beginning.

Plan your message:

What do you want people to know about your business? And as important, list out the types of posts you want to use. This is a hard one for most people. Digital marketing agencies will tell you that people have a hard time drawing the line between a personal Facebook page and one for business. This is how you know who is managing the account—an amateur (usually the business owner) or a digital marketing company. The amateur will post pictures of his products next to pictures of granny on a jet ski. It is an off-message hodge podge personal and business items done through random posts. It is the thing that makes a digital marketing consultant just smile.

So understanding your business vision and executing your plans is all important to your social media management.

Create a schedule:

Another tip for identifying amateur work, is the lack of scheduling of content posts. When the business owner makes the choice to launch into social media, you will see an initial flurry of activity. Several posts per day, all with exuberant messages for the audience. Then no posts will be made for months. The site is basically abandoned. Small business owners will get busy and because there is no planning for content and no schedule to adhere to, the effort falls by the wayside. Again, this is why a digital marketing company that specializes in social media management will be money spent wisely. Details have to be established:

  • How often and when (days and times)
  • Type of content that will be posted for each
  • Content to be used (gathering and laying out of pictures, videos, written information)

While you don’t have to plan a year’s worth of activities in advance, you certainly need to have all posts mapped out in detail on a monthly basis.

Set realistic goals:

Goals are so important to achieving the end result. They become our road map which will remind us why we started a particular project and what we need to get out of it. A digital marketing agency will help you set realistic goals, let you know the tools available to achieve them and then will create a review and assessment process to determine what changes are needed and what your next steps should be.

It is not enough to say you want to be the most successful company in town. That is not a measurable goal nor is it realistic. To say that you want to increase sales by 10% over the next 12 months would be a better approach to determining if your social media campaign has been effective. If you are working with a digital marketing agency, have your goals prepared when you first meet. It is from that discussion that you will learn how realistic your plans are and what must be done to achieve them. Call MessageMuse to see what we can offer in Social Media Management services. We have so many tools that can help your business grow.

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