SEO Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 10 Tips

The dynamic nature of SEO makes some optimization techniques obsolete over time. Thus, here at MessageMuse LLC, we’re going to shed light on some SEO hacks so that you can form a powerful Search Engine Optimization strategy. 

1- Measure Keywords Metrics

Analysing keywords metrics help you understand which keywords are specifically good for your website. You can use tools like Ahrefs for analysis.

2- Build Static URLs

A website’s overall quality depends on the URLs of its pages. There are two types of URLs - static and dynamic. A static URL stays unchanged with each page load unless changes are not hard-coded with HTML. A dynamic URL, on the other hand, are generated at the moment of the user search query with the stored database and application.

So which one is better, static or dynamic? Static URLs are better due to high keyword relevancy, high click-through rate, major search engines handle, and greater adjustments to a particular anchor text that help the page rank boost.

3- Follow Relevant Linking Wisely

Link your content to other websites wisely. Thoughtlessly placed too many links can ruin your traffic and your website can be marked as spam. Add links to the most authoritative websites with higher visibility and quality content that can benefit your site users.

4- Use Long Tail Keywords

Since Google searches have 3+ words in them, long-tail keywords cover 70% of all searches. It means long-tail keywords are prone to bring more quality traffic.

5- Image Optimization

Your website Images must be high in quality and lower in size. You can use the online tool Squoosh to optimize images.

6- Best User Experience

Homogeneous blocks of content can make it hard for the users to read your blogs. You must optimize user experience by breaking up the written text.

7- User Search Intent

Build content that the user hopes to find on your website. For instance, if a user is trying to find the best SEO hacks, your article shouldn’t be about SEO history. Try to keep it relevant.

8- Mobile Optimization

Always optimize your site for mobile phones, as people use mobile devices more than they use laptops or computers.

9 - Create A Sitemap

Create a sitemap that makes the process of indexing in search engine result pages (SERPs) much easier.

10- SEO Service

Involve expert SEO services to help you with your website ranking. For instance, MessageMuse LLC is one of the top SEO services in the USA. if you’re looking for quality website optimization services, you can contact their SEO experts at +1 (803) 587 2453 or