The Role of Big Data in Mobile App Development

The new raw material for mobile app development enterprises is Big Data.

The enterprise-wide data analytical vision enriches the growth potential of the businesses. Industry data strategy proves to be a road-map for a successful journey. Hence, it’s crucial to analyze and manage the necessary data. This is where we need big data analytics. 

According to Wikipedia, developed economies are using big data-intensive technologies. You can find them in various information-sensing devices, for instance, mobile devices, microphones, wireless networks, and cameras.

Statista reveals the increasing dependency of users on apps. That’s why nearly 29% of the developers all over the world use big data.

Benefits of Using Big Data in Mobile App Development:

Seamless User Experience:

Statista shows that there are around 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide. And Big data offers deep information about mobile users’ behavioral patterns. Thus, it’s easier to identify users’ needs and aim for the best user experience when going through mobile app development. Programmers can use the data to target a specific niche.

Big data helps you conduct a comprehensive analysis of users’ behaviors. You can get a complete idea of how you use your app. It provides you with a detailed user experience, a 360-degree view of data usage, and evaluates the user’s engagement with different features.Consequently, you can identify the most sought after features. You can understand the positive elements that make the users stay on the app as well as the negative aspects that cause them to leave. You can plan for modifications and add the most demanding features during iOS or Android app development. Consequently, you can get maximized engagement and improved users experience.

Access to Real-Time Data:

The highly dynamic and constantly growing mobile app market is coming with new trends. Entrepreneurs can use real-time data to make quick decisions to tweak the app’s performance according to the evolving market scenarios.

Big data helps businesses to remain in touch with the changing trends to stand out from the competition. By analyzing real-time data, it becomes easier to make data-driven decisions. You can track users’ choices and buying habits for iOS and Android app development.

Right Marketing Strategies:

The pool of data concerning detailed user behavior helps you make the right marketing strategies. Based on their needs, likes, dislikes, and expectations, you can know when, where, and how to target a specific niche. You can make all types of decisions, including the type of push notifications to send, and marketing message to modify. By analyzing users’ demographic data, you can make the best strategies according to their interests. As a result, you can increase users’ satisfaction and grow app revenue.  

Understand Customer Needs:

A great Android or iOS app development meets users’ needs. With the help of big data,massive volumes of user data are gathered to get deep insights. It’s easy to understand how users from various backgrounds, lifestyles, age groups, interact with the mobile application. Thus, it opens a way to design and develop an app with creativity and innovation. For instance, Uber analyzes the time for the journey, drivers’ availability, and different traffic conditions, to offer improved engagement and best cost/time estimate.

Enable Personalization:

With the use of big data, you can optimize the search. After analyzing users queries, you can make it more intuitive and offer contextual experience for both Android and iOS App development. You can gather data to get immediate answers and smarter self-service. For instance, Amazon uses big data to offer a personalized experience of product buying and provides suggestions based on purchase history.

Social Media Analytics:

Big Data helps companies track mentions of their products on different online platforms. These mentions can be users’ comments, complaints, reviews, or images and videos.

End-to-End Marketing:

Big data helps the Android App development services in identifying current marketing trends and formulate new app ideas. It reduces the development time as well as the cost of production.

Big data analytics provides companies with smart marketing tools for higher customer reach. Big data offers the service of predictive analysis to boost users’ activity. Moreover, it also offers the Data Mitigation service which can connect data between different apps through data transfer channel.

Improved Sales Conversion:

Advanced data mining techniques help in growing sales. It has become a new norm for not only for startups but also for big enterprises.

Data-driven selling is turning into a new industry standard for lots of Android App development services.

Customer Value Analytics:

Customer value Analytics is another marketing trend based on Big Data. Analytics completely revolutionized the marketing landscape. It offers synchronized user experience on diverse online platforms including websites, social media, email, and other channels. With the use of actionable information, it shortens the sales-cycle, delivers personalized service, and ensures high-value targets. Also, it turns the gathered data into valuable insights and decisions to enhance business value. Encouraging customer-centric strategies, improving top-line, probing customer response, increasing company value, understanding buying context, and stimulating revenue. In such a way that Android app development services like MessageMuse can easily combine the art of sales with the science of offering customer value.

Augmenting Geo-Targeted Sales:

With the rise of the consumer market in lots of countries, businesses prefer regional pricing and sales. Geo-analytics is a great role in optimizing the region-specific sales strategies of different business models. Without this technology, companies used to rely on a lot of guesswork, even if they have the basic users’ demographics and geographical data. Geo-analytics track users’ location-based activity and helps enterprises to mold their business models accordingly.

Successful Customer Relationship:

With big data, businesses can increase customer service reps, which consequently leads to improved customer loyalty. Custom mobile app development services use insight-driven data in marketing accelerates business value and promotes successful customer relationships.

Sales-Focused Company Restructuring:

Company culture is facing a change due to the use of department-focused big data analytics. The success of such projects pushing companies to shift to a data-first approach. It helps industries find out large-scale sales trends. It has completely changed the way prices are managed across sales networks. With Big data algorithms, the business has now the potential to specify the optimal market price for their product. It has a practical impact on almost all levels of sales – whether it is increasing lead quality, discovering lead engagement, and improving lead data.

Customer Analysis Techniques:

The latest survey showcase that around 48% of mobile app development services need big data for buyer analytics and 21% require it to minimize the operational risks. The usage is based on a strategic approach aimed at lowering churn rates, improving customer-product fit, elevating customer acquisition rate, and maximizing recurrent customer spending.

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