Moving on Down the Line: Nauman Akbar, founder and owner of MessageMuse, Discusses the Power of Enterprise Apps (Part 4)

Interviewer: We continue our interview with Nauman Akbar, the founder and owner of MessageMuse, a full service digital marketing agency. We were talking about mobile app development. In the previous part of our conversation, Apply put, we discussed some of the questions to ask to start the vetting process for a mobile app developer. Today I want to focus on enterprise app development. This is the serious side of app development, isn’t it?

Nauman Akbar: Well you could say that. Most people think that apps are for entertainment or a specific function. Enterprise apps do a much larger job than what we traditional think of when we think of apps. And because they are so different in function, many digital marketing agencies do not have a lot of expertise in such app development.

Interviewer: What are enterprise apps used for and who can they benefit?

Nauman Akbar: Enterprise apps are such a powerful tool for a business owner and offers the smaller companies the same efficiency which were only possible to larger companies just a few years ago. Enterprise apps create an efficient process flow for a business and help them with the most difficult and labor-intensive functions: sales, inventory, mailing, billing, tracking, just to name a few. With the use of a lite version of the enterprise app, employees in the field have access through a mobile app to many functions that the home office has. Inventory, ordering, and follow up activities needed to service an account all become possible with a mobile app that connects to the larger functionality of the enterprise app.

Interviewer: When you say that it offers smaller companies the same efficiency as larger companies, what do you mean?

Nauman Akbar: Most custom workflow driven programs used to be mainframe based and companies had to either create their own IT department or outsource such programming at a high cost. Only large companies could afford the expense. Now with mobile and tablet app development, a custom system-assist program is much more affordable and is deliverable in a short period of time.

The best part of creating an enterprise app for your company is that you get to structure it to support your process flow. And that creates efficiency. Efficiency creates savings in the form of hours worked in managing your company and in delivering what is needed to customers.

Interviewer: What is the cost of hiring an enterprise app developer?

Nauman Akbar: That is difficult to answer since much of it depends on how complex the enterprise app needs to be and which functions it needs to have. A simple enterprise app development project will cost about $25,000 but prices can increase to over $100,000. It sounds like a lot of money until you realize the impact it can have on staffing levels. If you can save one FTE, your investment is recouped in two years.

I have usually found that efficient enterprise apps can save a significant number of man hours, not to mention the consistency and quality of the work is better. Having an enterprise app of your own lets you design the most efficient process flow for your business rather than modifying your procedures to meet the needs of some canned program you purchase off the shelf.

Interviewer: What are some important considerations for a business owner to look for when selecting an enterprise app developer?

Nauman Akbar: Because enterprise apps use a variety of IT platforms to do their work, it is important to find a full service digital marketing agency that can offer website design, mobile app development, and e-commerce capability. The digital marketing agency needs to be able to deliver a seamless process using all IT platforms. That is why MessageMuse provides all services so we can develop comprehensive business solutions for our clients.

Interviewer: So if a person wants to explore the use of an enterprise app, what is your advice?

Nauman Akbar: Call MessageMuse. We would love the chance to streamline your business processes and get the most efficiency out of your workflow as possible.

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