Ready for the Holidays—You are already behind!

Nauman Akbar, founder and owner of MessageMuse, a full service digital marketing agency, talks about planning your social media strategy for the holiday season

So many businesses make it or break it during the end of the year holiday season. Now is the time when merchants start preparing their marketing strategies but the reality is they are a bit late if they want to expand their online capabilities and make a splash in advertising for holiday sales.

As the time grows closer, the merchant has very little time to start a sales plan. If he wants to revamp his website design to include e-commerce capability, it will be difficult to pull that off in time for the holidays. Some of it has to do with how busy his digital marketing agency is with all the requests from other clients, but most of the effort will fall on the business owner himself—creating the inventory and pricing lists, the purchase options, and shipping if that is to be included. It is a large undertaking as we move into one of the busiest times of the selling year. While it is possible to achieve, there has to be a commitment of time to make these big changes happen now.

But smaller initiatives are still possible. Let’s take a look at the prep list that every retailer should be making.

Holiday Prep List

  • What are the items that you have purchased especially for the holidays? Prepare your photos and prices for them.
  • Do you plan to have an open house or special event for your holiday customers? If so, when will it be? What will you offer as part of the special event both in merchandise and hospitality?
  • Are there timed specials that you wish to offer or bundles of products that will be sold at a special price? If so, outline what the specials will include and what the sale price will be. Take pictures of the bundle if appropriate.
  • Are there any perks or changes during the holidays that you will provide? List them out along with the terms. Such things as free gift wrapping, home delivery, or extended shopping hour should be identified.

After you have gathered your information, make an appointment with your digital marketing agency or web developer to agree on a holiday marketing plan.

What You and Your Digital Agency Should Decide Together

  • Which digital marketing tools do you want to use for your advertising—Facebook, Website, Instagram?
  • Review the materials you gathered with your digital marketing agency. Determine a sequence of events for promotions, critical dates, and the length of time you wish to promote items or events. Create a time for the promotional period. Remember to include after the holiday sales events too.
  • Create a promotional theme so that your holiday digital advertising looks well planned.
  • Decide on a boosting plan that will target specific populations—either affiliate marketing or loyal customers. Like the advertising plan, boosting should have a schedule as well.

One Little Secret

There is one little secret that your digital marketing agency has and should discuss with you. Depending on your type of business, you have to overcome the interruptions that come with the holiday season. In some cases, you have to remind your customers that your products or services will make a unique gift that can be appreciated by someone who receives it.

For example, no one will be thinking about shopping for landscaping in November and December. Or in the case of spas, customers may be buying gift certificates for services that will be delivered after the holidays but what about their business during the holiday rush. In most cases, there are fewer bookings because of everyone’s busy schedule. So this is the little secret. Plan for it in creative ways.

In the case of the landscaping company, they can offer promotions for Spring clean-up and target those who wish to eliminate that burden for someone. For spas, running a “hustle and bustle” special to get people to book during the holiday season for a little down time is a strategy as well.

The key here is understanding what happens to your business patterns during the holidays and find creative ways to change those patterns to bring you more business. Your digital marketing agency can help you figure out how to boost sales of products and services during one of the busiest times of the year.

With the right planning and some strategic help from your digital marketing agency, you can have the biggest holiday season ever. So put on your Santa hat and crank up your sleigh—because you are already behind. Just call MessageMuse and let’s get started planning your holiday success story.

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