How to Write App’s Description That Sells?

After the completion of mobile app development,the next step you may consider is writing your apps description. MessageMuse develops your app and offers you a complete guide on how to write the best description. There’s no magic formula for the mind-blowing app’s description that can instantly attract users, but the following key points can be of great help: App NameScreenshotsDescription [...]

How to Define Authority for Your Business?

Why would any customer prefer your product instead of others? What makes you so special and different from other brands. The answer to this question is that you need to establish online authority for your brand. People will listen to your opinion if you have done a lot of work, for example, written books on your field. You can win [...]

How to Manage Comments on your Social Media Platforms?

If you want to promote and protect your brand, you must leverage positive feedback and manage negative comments effectively. Research shows that nearly 85% of online consumers rely on reviews and social networks to make purchase decisions. Going by these statistics, your business needs to pay close attention to reviews,comments, and mentions on different social media marketing networks. You can [...]

How to Plan your App for the Greatest Efficiency for Future Development and Enhancements?

There’s a growing demand for businesses to contemplate an app development program to reach its potential growth. Almost every company feels the need to have an app for a tablet or smartphone. Before developing an app, you must consider the initial costs of mobile app design and development and how you can maintain it over time. Strategic app planning can [...]

Reputation Management-The Image you Project and Which Platforms to Use

Positive online reputation is very important for the business, no matter big or small. When deciding where to shop, there is an increased number of online customers than ever in 2019. Businesses with poor reviews will surely have a hard time finding new customers. MessageMuse is a digital agency,offering you a host of online reputation management services. This includes brand [...]

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Someone to Build an App?

Wondering how much does it cost to hire a developer for mobile app development? In 2020, the era of technological advancements, almost every brand seems to have an App. There are lots of online companies, digital agencies, and freelancers that offer app design and development services with variable rates. Online platforms like Upwork or digital companies like MessageMuse, offer their [...]

Best Mobile App Development Company in the USA

In 2020, there’s increased growth in the number of mobile app development companies in the USA. MessageMuse is one such digital agency known for its online services. The plunge of apps is increasing day by day in the market of the united states - all different types of apps, from product-related apps to games, from educational to e-commerce stores and [...]

Pakistan 4th Most Popular Country for Freelancing

Pakistan 4th Most Popular Country for Freelancing Pakistan is among the top five countries in the world when it comes to freelancing and generated a significant calculated amount of $0.5 billion entirely from freelancing. Pakistan is ranked as the 4th most popular country for freelancing in the Online Labor Index published in 2017 by Oxford Internet Institute (OII) and is [...]

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You Have Everything in You to Take the World by Storm – Nauman Akbar talks about International Womens Day 2018.

You Have Everything in You to Take the World by Storm - Nauman Akbar talks about International Womens Day 2018. I am Nauman Akbar, founder and owner of MesssageMuse, a leader in offshore digital IT services. We are a full service digital marketing agency offering website development, enterprise app solutions for businesses, mobile app development, reputation management, logo design, and [...]

Bitcoin and BlockChain – The New Spectator Sports. A Candid Discussion about Cryptocurrencies and the Platform they Hang out with.

Bitcoin and BlockChain - The New Spectator Sports. A candid discussion about cryptocurrencies and the platform they hang out with. Nauman Akbar, founder and owner of MessageMuse, a full service digital marketing agency, talks about Bitcoin and Blockchain. Today, all the buzz is about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. I have been quite surprised by how many digital marketing agency clients ask [...]