News Hotter than a New Romance (Interview 8, Part 1): Nauman Akbar Announces New Services Offered by MessageMuse and you won’t want to Miss This!

Interviewer: We continue our interview with Nauman Akbar, the founder and owner of MessageMuse, a full service digital marketing agency. Nauman, we have talked about many topics related to the digital marketing business—details such as website design, mobile app development, and reputation management–that would be of interest to our audience. But today is a bit different. Today you are bringing us some exciting news. What’s going on at MessageMuse that our readers should know about? Is it growing bigger and better?

Nauman Akbar: We do have some exciting news. Things have been quite busy at MessageMuse over the past few months and we will be launching some great new mobile apps soon. Our mobile app development team is hard at work to create some exciting new apps. And MessageMuse continues to grow and expand both in the size of the company and the services offered.

Interviewer: How has your company grown in size?

Nauman Akbar: When we started back in October 2016 there were only two employees at MessageMuse and I was one of them. Now we have 17 employees and we are adding more staff in the coming months. That is quite a change for us and we are happy with our progress.

Interviewer: What do you think has helped you grow as much as you have? That is a pretty phenomenal growth for a start-up company.

Nauman Akbar: Well, I would like to think that it is the quality of our team and the work they produce. I also know that customers have commented that we do much more for them than other digital marketing agencies they have worked with and that we provide a spectrum of creative solutions for their digital marketing needs. To me that is one of the highest compliments I can get because when I opened MessageMuse that was exactly what I strove to do. There are plenty of digital agencies out there. There is no shortage of web designers, mobile app developers and SEO programs. In a crowded market, the first rule is to distinguish your business from all the others. Here at MessageMuse we have done that by becoming the business consultant that brings digital solutions to our customers.

Interviewer: So, your service levels have helped you grow. What is next for MessageMuse?

Nauman Akbar: I have always contended that my best business ideas come from my customers. In this case, some customers that I was doing mobile app development for asked me what I had planned for the new apps after they launched. Previously, our customers would work with us through the launch of their apps and then would transition to an app marketing agency to provide public relations services for their new apps. I found that there was this transition period that required pre-launch app marketing services and since MessageMuse was providing the mobile app development services, there was an awkward gap for our customers. That lack of smooth transition and loss of momentum around a mobile app marketing strategy wasn’t what I wanted for my clients or the apps we developed. That is what inspired me to expand MessageMuse service offerings into the area of app marketing services. At the insistence of my customers I wanted to offer mobile app promotion services but as with all the services that we offer at MessageMuse, I wanted to have the best mobile app marketing strategy in the digital agency business. I wanted to rank up there as one of the best app marketing companies around. With the commitment made to expand our services to include mobile app promotion, we set about to create a comprehensive and robust program that would pave a path to success for the mobile apps we developed.

Interviewer: How do you go about learning the best practices and options for your program?

Nauman Akbar: The services that create the best app marketing plan are not new to us. SEO and ASO services, Facebook promotions, reputation management, website design, animation, and business analysis have been a part of our experience base for a long time. Not to mention that in many cases we have done the mobile app development as well. We have leveraged our experience in similar services and created a comprehensive mobile app marketing strategy that gives our clients a seamless customer experience.

Interviewer: Is it required that MessageMuse do the mobile app development for a client to use your mobile app marketing services?

Nauman Akbar: Absolutely not. Our program is developed to support customers who have used our mobile app development services but our mobile marketing solutions can be used by those who have had another digital marketing agency or mobile app development team create their app.

Interviewer: Are the two programs different in any way?

Nauman Akbar: The mobile app promotion services are essentially the same since there are best practices that are industry standards. There are only two differences. If the mobile app development was done by another company, MessageMuse must familiarize itself with the app and how it works since we did not create it. This is an initial assessment activity that is done at the beginning of the marketing process. The second is that there will likely be no pre-launch app marketing unless the client sought to engage us prior to his app going live.

Interviewer: What is the reason for someone to purchase mobile app development services from one company and then come to MessageMuse for their mobile app promotion services?

Nauman Akbar: It’s usually one of three reasons. The first could be simply that the mobile app developer does not offer an app marketing plan. The second is that they purchased mobile app promotion services but the app did not have a successful launch. And the last reason could be budgetary. Clients put a lot of money into mobile app development and some don’t think to set aside funds for mobile app promotion services. So, they have to wait until their finances permit the hiring of an app marketing agency.

Interviewer: In the third situation, why would they come to MessageMuse for their mobile app marketing services?

Nauman Akbar: For the same reason they would use MessageMuse for all of their services. Our offshore company gives them a lot of value for their dollar and we can likely give them a quote that is half what they will pay in the states. People who get into mobile app development spend a lot of money doing so. It is not a cheap venture. Cost overruns and change requests can bust the budget. By the end of the development phase, funds can be very tight and some of the money earmarked for mobile app marketing services can be used up by unexpected development costs. That shortfall has to be made up somewhere. Too much money has been invested just to let the app languish on the app store shelves. So, the smart investor looks for more cost-effective services. MessageMuse offers that along with an aggressive app marketing plan. We become a great solution for someone who wants their app to succeed but at the most economical price.

Interviewer: Well, Nauman, I see it is time for us to end this part of our interview and I know you are wanting to join your team again. Let’s stop here in our discussion but I want to talk to you more about the services that are critical to launching an app marketing plan.

Nauman Akbar: That is the best part of all – the details! I look forward to sharing more about our app marketing agency program soon.

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