Let’s give them something to talk about: How Nauman Akbar, the wizard at MessageMuse, has mastered the art of Digital Reputation Management.

Whether you are a business leader, a performer, a politician, or a social figure, that you are seen and how you are seen all lies in the realm of social media and your digital marketing agency. And the people in the public eye keep upping the ante on the intensity with which they use the digital marketing tools available. It is not about just blasting your name to the general public but rather how you are presented—your social media image and the reputation management of persona.

A positive and recognizable image doesn’t just happen and those in the public arena are beginning to realize both the science and the art of a digital marketing agency that can get your message across and grow your following.

That science and art were never more evident than in the work of Nauman Akbar who owns MessageMuse, a full service digital marketing agency. While some public relations and reputation managers come ready to do as you ask, there are others that distinguish themselves by actually becoming your consultant in reputation management –who will guide you with their years of knowledge in this business.

Nauman Akbar creates a larger plan for his clients, one that is seamless and far reaching. First, he gets to know his clients, their goals, and their existing content for social media use. He is a master at organizing and cataloging existing content which has become his signature technique for kicking off reputation management campaigns. Why is this step both unique and necessary? Because people rarely come prepared with a content-rich portfolio of material and to create new content from scratch would delay launch of your reputation management campaign. So by organizing and using what is currently available, the work of getting your name up in lights will start quickly. This process is not just about gathering what is out there in content. That is why Nauman Akbar’s decades of experience in a variety of digital marketing skillsets is so valuable. Photos are enhanced to improve their quality for publishing, videos are edited for the appropriate messaging, inspiring content is added to hold followers’ interest, and social media platforms are used in a synced and coordinated manner to produce a seamless, polished image for you. Then he uses the social media tools to boost awareness and reach out to new audiences.

In the meantime, while you are getting recognized using existing content, Nauman Akbar and his team at MessageMuse are planning your next steps for creating new content and providing the services that you will need to do so.

What kind of impact can Nauman Akbar create using existing content? Well, they don’t call him the wizard of reputation management for nothing. A recent customer, Miss Bangash, asked him to take over her social media campaigns. Ms. Bangash had several aggressive goals for her social media presence. Miss Bangash is no stranger to social media platforms and how their effective use can be a powerful tool for promoting creative work. So she called one of the best in the business, Nauman Akbar. In less than 6 weeks and using existing content, Nauman Akbar has increased her readership from 13,000 to 1.3 Million. That is the talent of someone who can find new and creative ways to present information about someone.

Let’s face it. Not all digital marketing agencies are the same. Much of it depends on the knowledge and creativity of the person who will be in charge of building your image and managing your reputation.

One thing is for sure. If you want to get your message out in the world, choose the best digital marketing agency to do it for you. Call Nauman Akbar at MessageMuse to get started with boosting your future. Let’s give them something to talk about!

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