I Will Do Anything for Love but I Won’t Do That — Well, Maybe. Nauman Akbar, Founder and Owner of MessageMuse, a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency, Discusses Some Industry Secrets. (Part 7)

Interviewer: We continue our interview with Nauman Akbar, the founder and owner of MessageMuse, a full service digital marketing agency. Nauman, we have talked about what is offered by a full-service agency and why people and businesses should avail themselves of those services. But today I want to talk about the secrets of the industry and some of the things that clients might keep in mind while working with a digital marketing agency. So, are you ready to spill the beans and give me a little intel?

Nauman Akbar: I can’t tell you everything. It would take all the mystery out of the digital marketing process. Then we would just look like a bunch of geeks. I would prefer to continue my reputation as some magical wizard.

Interviewer: So tell us your first secret. What should we know?

Nauman Akbar: Some digital marketing projects excite us more than others. It has very little to do with the task at hand. It can be a website design, mobile app development, SEO services, or reputation management. But the key to a digital marketer’s excitement about a project is how much your project challenges him—either in technology or design. If we have something new and different to achieve that is what gets us going. And if you can get a geek excited about your project then you will get whatever you want.

Interviewer: Are you saying that you can do anything a client asks for?

Nauman Akbar: There are only three limitations. The first is the knowledge and expertise of your web developer, mobile app developer or digital marketing agency. The second is whether or not the technology exists anywhere. And the last is the affordability of what you are being asked to do.

Interviewer: What are some of the most challenging requests you have gotten?

Nauman Akbar: Some I can’t mention but let’s just say that it would be wise for children not lie to their parents about where they are going.

Other challenges are complex animation within mobile apps, building of massive databases for use within an app, using block chain to execute various functions, and building programs using augmented reality features. The things that make us most excited are the requests that make us stretch our brains and find technologies that deliver the request or technologies we can modify to use in a creative new way.

Interviewer: Can we talk a bit more about the item you mentioned first?

Nauman Akbar: No, we can’t. Just leave that bone buried. I will reiterate that children should not lie about where they are going. I had nothing to do with this issue but just giving a fair warning. Now let’s move on.

Interviewer: Well now I have this topic stuck in my mind. But I will follow your advice for now. But I have two teenage boys so I want to talk to you later. Now for the other secrets in the digital marketing arena. Tell us another.

Nauman Akbar: Sometimes we like to do digital marketing wheelies around the client. We like to show off. Remember we are the ones who had the pocket protectors and calculators with all the buttons on them. We were the nerds. So, when we get a chance to give a client a bit of a sexy sizzle we just might do so.

Interviewer: And how do you do that?

Nauman Akbar: We usually treat two types of customers to this little surprise: those who come with pre-conceived (and often boring) ideas and those who have worked with other digital marketing agencies and bring us their designs to finish.

What we do when we show off is no different than when you get a new car and want to show it off so you roll down the windows, turn up the stereo system, and drive slowly through your neighborhood, all the while your head is bobbing like one of those bobble dolls. Digital marketers, web developers and mobile app developers have their own version of this.

Interviewer: What do you do to show off?

Nauman Akbar: It is rather sadistic actually. We create some dazzling designs and line them up side by side with what the client wanted or brought to us and then ask them, “Now which do you want?” I make them pick between what is equivalent to a flip phone and the IPhone X. I know I have succeeded in my designs when the old designs are not mentioned anymore and the client becomes fixated on having the new designs I created just for his project.

And I will further say to clients that if your web designer, mobile app developer or digital agency isn’t showing off then you need to shop for another one to partner with. If they are willing to use someone else’s designs and not offer you better solutions then you have someone who has very few skills.

Interviewer: Are there any more secrets that we should know about?

Nauman Akbar: I don’t know if I should mention it but I will give you some insight into our motivations. The reality is that there are some clients that we like more than others. Whether it is their personalities, their preparation and organization, the ideas they have, or the amount of latitude they give us, we just sometimes fall in love with a client and his project.

I have one of those situations now. I have a client that is polite, easy going, knowledgeable and appreciative. He is easy to love. And for that I will work very hard to make him happy. And when your digital marketing agency is working extra hard to make you happy, it will be hard for you not to be pleased. I have done so much extra work for this one customer and not charged him for it. He did not ask it of me but I wanted him to have choices because he made my job easy.

Digital marketing is a creative process that is only improved by positive interaction. So, my best advice is to make your web developer or your mobile app developer love you in some way. I think you will get so much more from the project than you ever imagined.

Interviewer: Thanks so much for sharing these secrets with our audience. Now can I talk to you about my two boys and that warning you gave?

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