Mention mobile apps and the first thing that comes to mind is your favorite game. But the mobile app market is experiencing a seismic shift in function. No longer are apps focused on a game to keep you busy while you wait. Instead, app development has become serious business with a significant role in how we do business.

Now more than ever we are performing many of our daily tasks using smartphones: banking, shopping and purchasing, making reservations and appointments, or getting directions. While games are still an offering, we are seeing more and more the use of mobile apps in business and more specifically giving businesses yet another way to interact with customers. The Mobility market is now what the internet was 15 years ago. Imagine a bank trying to do business today without an app. Competing without such services today would likely spell their end.

So for the business owner, what does that mean? It means you better take a good look at what your digital agency offers in the way of services.

Most digital marketing companies have the standard offerings: SEO, SEM, SMM, and Reputation Management, and logo design. But a digital marketing company distinguishes itself as a notch above the rest by offering mobile app development in its portfolio of services.

Is your digital marketing company limited in its offerings? Can they meet your needs now and in the future as your business grows? Can they be your partner in keeping pace with the new customer demands for mobility?

If app development is an afterthought for those you currently use for your digital marketing services, then perhaps you need to consider the impact that their limited services can have on your business. Just like the bank that has no mobile banking app, a digital agency that does not offer the latest app development talent and skills will likely lag in the market and hold your company back from growing as well.

More important than ever, your digital agency must offer you a full range of services so that you can win in all arenas—to include mobile apps. These new tools make it easier for customers to reach out to you which translates into more business.

And your digital agency must be versed in custom app development in both segments of the market: iPhone app development and Android app development.

At MessageMuse, we bring you the latest technology in custom app development to engage your customer in new and creative ways. Mobile app tools such as beacon technology, augmented reality, GPS, and purchase within app capabilities are tools that can keep your business on the leading edge of what in-app technology has to offer.

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