How to Conduct User Testing For Your App

When it comes to user testing you cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach. Usability technique is a powerful way to get valuable insights from users.

In practice, user-testing is divided into Alpha Testing, Beta Testing, as well as Acceptance Testing. The app is tested by QA engineers before release, app users after release, and last but not the least, the customers.

We will give you basic strategies to help you make your app testing plan right according to your business needs.

Define Your User Testing Goals

The first step is to know what exactly you want out of testing for your app. Your goals determine your tasks. If you want to run the process of user testing before launching your app, learn more about validation and evaluation. We recommend concept testing and card sorting to know users' understanding and interaction with the app. Once you make app testing goals, take a step further, and determine goals for individual testing. Don't try to discover too much at once. Your right goals and clear objectives make the foundation of the user testing strategy.

Recruiting With Tools

There are several affordable services you can take to help participants test your app. "User Interviews" is a useful tool that allows you to pose questions related to specific demographics. You describe your project to candidates and they do surveys for you.

Choose Between Remote and In-Person Testing

App testing can be done either through in-person or remote manner. In both cases, you will observe users and uncover issues. With in-person testing, you meet consumers in real-time and get feedback. To meet users, you spend money and time to collect data. Remote user testing works well for tighter budgets as it doesn't need money or travel.

Test Your Test

Ensure you do a final test before the final launch. Doing a pilot test helps detect any red flags or issues that might come up later. To maximize the benefits of this test try to run a couple of days before the final session. Whether you are testing a sketch, app, or a prototype, try to give yourself enough time to prepare your device. If you have already tested and resolved possible issues then consider it a test of a usability test.

Without user testing, there is no way of knowing whether you are on the right track or not throughout the process. We hope this guide will help you build a successful testing strategy for your business.

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