After the completion of mobile app development,the next step you may consider is writing your apps description. MessageMuse develops your app and offers you a complete guide on how to write the best description. There’s no magic formula for the mind-blowing app’s description that can instantly attract users, but the following key points can be of great help:

  1. App Name
  2. Screenshots
  3. Description
  • App Name: You want your app to be visible to your customers and appear on the search results. You can make it possible by choosing the relevant name. Your app name is of great importance in the field of mobile app marketing. You may be wondering how your name can attract users. It’s possible only if you blend your purpose into its name. Select your app title that can reflect the most significant features.  Make sure it includes the main keywords so that it can help people discover your product on the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • App Screenshots: Screenshots are important. Users can get an idea about the mobile app design through screenshots; acting as the deciding factors whether to download the app or not. If you want to take the screenshots of written texts, include verbs. Verbs can make people take instant action.
  • App Description: Mention the attributes in your apps description, as given below:

(i) The first three sentences are very important. Identify the main idea of your product and concentrate on your message in the first 3 lines. Make that part engaging by showing how your app solve customers’ issues. Keep the characters’ limit to 225.

(ii) Highlight special achievements. Let your customers know your success story and indicate any awards that you have won.

(iii) The body of the description can be up to two to three paragraphs, containing your brands’ details and description.

(iv) List down the main functions.

(v) Highlight ‘What’s new’? Inform your users about the newly added features, color changes, and bug fixes. This should be the closing of your apps description.

General Recommendations:

Use clear language when explaining why it’s useful for your customers.

  • Keywords: Don’t forget to include the keyword in the app’s name as well as in its description. Using relevant keywords can make mobile app marketing easy, as it increases its chances to appear on the search results.
  • Writing Tone: Use the tone of writing as if you’re directly talking to the users.
  • Be Clear: Avoid ambiguous details and complex technical information.
  • Form of Narration: The form of narration of the description must be from a user’s point of view, instead of from the creator’s point of view.

What to Include in App Description?

Our consultants at MessageMuse suggest including one killer feature and a few core features in your app description. You don’t have to mention all of the terms & conditions, or full mobile app design and development process. Instead of describing too many features, tell a story to your audience. People love to hear stories of success about things they want to achieve in their lives. It can build trust and increase the number of potential customers. Keep the following points in your mind:

  • Avoid keyword stuffing
  • Keep it simple
  • Add Call to Action

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