Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty! (Interview 8, Part 3): Nauman Akbar Announces new Services Offered by MessageMuse and Talks about Mobile App Marketing Services that He has Created for His Clients.

Interviewer: We continue our interview with Nauman Akbar, the founder and owner of MessageMuse, a full service digital marketing agency. Nauman, we are continuing our interview today which is the third part of our talk about the new app launch marketing plan that MessageMuse has created for its app customers. In our previous interviews, we have discussed why and how you created your program and what app clients need to know as just basic information when they start creating apps and start looking to engage a digital agency for app marketing services. For this part of our talk, I would like to talk more about the details involved in mobile app marketing services. What are the components that make up an aggressive and effective mobile app marketing strategy?

Nauman Akbar: Well, that is sort of like asking what do you need to do to win a war. It takes different actions depending on the situation. One of the things we pride ourselves on at MessageMuse is creating a unique customer experience. It is not a one-size-fits-all program for everyone who hires our digital agency. So what we have created is a comprehensive checklist of all the possible ways to promote the launch of an app and from there, we assess what we think would be appropriate for our client in terms of the app to be promoted and the client’s budget. After we have completed our review, we then work with the client to discuss the options available to him. After we have agreed on priorities and activities, I then create an app launch marketing plan unique to the app.

Interviewer: So each plan is different?

Nauman Akbar: Absolutely, because each app is different and each client is different. Why would a customer want to pay you for the same thing everyone else has? Some digital agencies have canned packages but I don’t want to do business that way. I want to create a seamless, unique group of mobile app promotion services. As I mentioned in our previous talks, one must understand the market for an app and target that audience. Recognizing this alone requires that you design something specific for the app and not a shelf product.

Interviewer: After you go through this process, are you through with planning?

Nauman Akbar: Not at all. There are several critical preparatory steps involved in creating an app launch marketing plan. In addition to developing recommended activities and a discussion with the customer, there are still some steps to take.

First, is to create a budget for the activities that were agreed on. As part of that discussion becomes what are some ways to cut back on activities or what are some of the additional activities that I would suggest they purchase if funds become available. It is an important discussion since unexpected changes can occur during an app launch.

After the budget is agreed on, our digital agency creates a timeline for all the activities that have to be accomplished for the app marketing plan. As part of this step we identify which tasks are pre-launch and which are post-launch From that initial segmentation, we divide the post launch activities into those that will take place within 60 days of launch and those that have a longer horizon beyond the 60 days.

From there we also identify which tasks are to be completed by MessageMuse and which are to be completed by our customer. In many cases, you will find that there must be a joint effort between the customer and the digital agency in order to complete the task but for the most part these activities are hand-off projects so it is good to determine who will hand off and by what date.

Interviewer: Are there more pre-launch activities than post launch?

Nauman Akbar: The tasks are about equal for initializing. The difference is that so many activities that are part of the pre-launch continue into the post-launch phase so you have in effect a cumulative list of duties that grows as you promote your app.

Interviewer: Let’s talk a bit about pre-launch activities.

Nauman Akbar: Absolutely.

Interviewer: Are some of the tasks a one-time effort while others must be ongoing activities for an app marketing plan?

Nauman Akbar: Yes and the pricing should reflect that.

Interviewer: What are some of the activities that are included in the one-time category of expenses?

Nauman Akbar: Things such as the app title and description set up for the app store, a video tutorial, the app landing page (website), On page SEO services, purchased reviews and downloads.

Interviewer: Those are a lot of activities. What is the expected cost for all this initial, one time activity.

Nauman Akbar: That will depend largely on the app, its audience, and what the app does. But generally speaking, you can expect one-time mobile app promotion services to cost between $16-20K for MessageMuse. For in US digital marketing companies, you can usually count of the cost being from $30-45K. So, using an offshore company will save quite a bit of money for a client.

Interviewer: That is quite a savings to your customers.

Nauman Akbar: Yes, it is and this is why we encourage clients to consider an offshore company. Remember that what you save in costs can be used toward more promotion initiatives. And that extra effort can be the difference between a successful launch and a wildly successful one.

Interviewer: So those are the one-time costs and activities. I am sure that there are ongoing expenses that come with an app launch marketing plan.

Nauman Akbar: Absolutely and those activities create the biggest to do list. Ongoing promotion of an app is essential as it keeps the audience focused on your app and aware of what it can do.

Interviewer: Please share some of those activities with us.

Nauman Akbar: Certainly. Such things as off page optimization, reviews and press releases, newsletters to your subscriber base, interaction with users to respond to questions or comments, content creation, social media postings, social media paid campaigns, and app directory submissions. The ongoing effort is focused on communication and blasting your message.

Interviewer: So these activities would likely have an ongoing cost?

Nauman Akbar: Yes, they do. Customers can usually expect a charge of $8-12K per month for the first 6 months. After the first 6 months, there should be an assessment of how to move forward with activities. It is a chance to determine what has worked and what needs retooling.

Interviewer: Nauman, thank you for these insights into the world of mobile app promotion services. We look forward to getting more insights in your digital agency in the weeks to come as you share your experiences with us.

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