30 Top Reasons Why Your Mobile App Fails

Wondering why your mobile app fails? Well, you’re not a lone fish out of the water, over half of the mobile apps on Google Play catch few to zero downloads. Over 65% of apps with decent downloads run into 85% drop off rate during 1st week, leading to the business breakdown.

Creating an app is just the tip of the iceberg. App research, strategy building, idea testing, defining the target market, competitors analysis, optimization, are the core elements that decide your app’s fate. Likewise, there are lots of factors that elevate the mobile app failure risks.

Factors Elevating App Failure Risks:

Unplanned App Development Process - App development planning is no longer an option. It’s a requirement.

Wrong App Ideas or Bad Execution - Wrong app idea proves counterproductive. Through in-depth research, you will be able to think of something original and execute something user-centric.

You Didn’t Set Your Goals - Your goal is to offer the most useful content to your future customers to stay ahead of the competition. If you’re conscientious and committed to excellence you can achieve your target.

You Didn’t Research Thoroughly - Spot trend, analyze user preferences, look up to top most popular mobile apps, to have a clear app picture.

A Poorly Developed Mobile App Idea - Strong app idea carries weight. Look at your app ideas with a great deal of skepticism. Have a harsh reality check to find out where it’s going to stand in the midst of the sea of apps. Ask yourself if your app idea fits into those modern-day trends.

Neglecting the Competition - Your competitors determine your strengths and weaknesses. They help you identify the app market, potential forecasting, customer acquisition, pricing, leads, as well as revenue tracking.

No Perseverance in Iterating - You need constant efforts and repeated actions to drive success.

Incompatible With Existing Business Strategy - Make sure your mobile app strategy is not only great but also compatible with the existing business framework.

Mediocre Monetization Strategy - There are different app monetization routes. Free or paid in-app purchase version model, apps with the subscription model, partnership model, and etc. Whatever route you take, make sure it has a positive impact on growth and engagement.

Device Compatibility - The role of compatibility testing in app development is of huge importance. Multiple mobile network operators, more and more smartphones, competing brands and manufacturers, continue to be a challenge for mobile app developers.

Quality Assurance - Formulate quality control policies for maximum results. It’s essential for your app to be error-free and bug-free.

Not Meeting Customers’ Needs - If you neglect your users' needs, your app is doomed to fail.

Poor User Interface (UI) - High quality graphical and touch-sensitive display of an app is a crucial factor for an interactive, engaging, and user-friendly app.

Incompatible User Experience (UX) - A meaningful UX ensures a smooth user journey and as a result, provides positive business experiences.

You Thought You Could Do it All Yourself - You need experienced experts skilled in their respective fields - including, design, development, planning and strategies, UI, UX, competitors analysis, and so on.

You didn’t Track and Measure - Keep up with the mobile app analytics, the number of visitors, conversion rate, app leaving rate, time users spend on your app, and etc. So that you can execute changes according to the users' preferences.

Failure to Solve Any Real-World Problem - If users complain about certain functionalities or feature, try to fix them for better user experience

Inability to Understand the Target Audience - Understanding your niche and identifying a target audience gives you a clear focus and increases the brand awareness rate

Not Being Sure about the Mobile Apps Platform - Android and iOS proves to be the successful mobile operating system (OS). They show 99% of mobile OS market share.

Making It Too Complex for the Users - Complexity of a mobile app can overwhelm users as a result they can leave instantly. Hence, it’s important to maintain simplicity and flexibility.

Too Many or Too Few Features - Make sure there’s no feature-overload. Keep all the essential features like security, push notifications, speed, great image resolution, search option, easy navigation, and etc.

Boring, Stale Content - Bring interesting content for your users that can add value.

Not Learning Your Market and Audience - In-depth study and analysis of your market and audience give you a strong grip on your app and you’re able to build a strong app foundation.

Not Testing Prototype With Potential Users - Testing your mobile app through real users is vital. It’s a powerful way of checking the app’s design and user flow.

Not Allowing Enough Marketing Time - Marketing needs your time, attention, and money investment.

Failure to Track Users’ Feedback - Users' feedback and reviews are important to remove extra features and add important updates.

Failure to Define Your Business Goals with the App - Defining business goals build trust and create strong relationships with your customers.

Not Optimizing App Performance - Well executed mobile app optimization techniques can get you on the page No.1 of Google.

Failure to Create a Post-Launch Communications Strategy - After app launch, you need to stay in touch with your users to know their preferences. Develop a messaging platform where users are allowed to post their questions and concerns.

Ineffective App Launch Plan - Implement creative ideas for successful app launch, so that your app can be discovered in the sea of global competitors.

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