Intriguing Facts About Mobile App Development Costs!

You may wonder about the mobile app development costs. For your information, the expenses of a single app development and deployment range from $50,000 to $10,000,000. Likewise, Statista reported that iOS app development cost 95 US dollars, as of 2017.

Understanding Mobile App Development Costs:

App development can be frustrating if you have no idea about the costs. The crux of the matter is determining how much all the stages of an app costs. Concluding final expenses will be a breeze if you know the complete life cycle of a mobile app development.

Most people focus only on the first stage and that is development. But development is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole process consists of development, deployment, as well as maintenance.

Some researchers estimate the following ongoing expenses:

  • Development amounts to only 35% of the total expenses.
  • The proceeding expenses for the medium-sized business app are between $5,000 and $11,000 every month.
  • Annual legacy expenses are around 50 percent of the primary mobile app development.

The key is to determine:

  • How are apps built and maintained?
  • What are the relative expenses of building and maintaining an app?
  • What are the tools, technologies, and methodologies that your developers are going to employ?
  • What options can you evaluate, and how can you find the best solution for your business needs?
  • What are the benefits and downfalls of choosing Native or Hybrid app development?
  • Whether to go for an Android or iOS app development?

Let’s dive into the further details that can help reduce your costs!

Your app idea, as well as business necessities, have a direct influence on the mobile app development costs. Besides, the development approach, platform type, location, features complexity, UX/UI designs, connected APIs, Back-end infrastructures, and the number of features are other important influential factors.

Elements That Effect App Development Costs:

There are some of the elements that can help you understand the app development costs.

(i) Native vs. Hybrid App:

Hybrid apps cost lower than a native app. However, users prefer native apps due to their quality.

(ii) Android vs. iOS App:

Mobile app development costs are almost the same for both of the platforms.

(iii) Extra Features:

Some prefer to add complex features and aim for elegant intuitive apps. Hence, that may cost higher than a typical app development.

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