If you want to hire a mobile app development service, there are several things to consider. The team’s approach towards development is one of the significant factors that can have a lasting impact on the final results. Hence, before hiring any service, you must learn about the project development methodology. At MessageMuse we use agile methodology for software development.


It’s the first stage of communication with our clients. Once you get in touch with us through email or call, we start the initial phase to pre-sale.

Firstly, our mobile app development manager clarifies all details via call or email to create project brief,receive ready-made designs, and your business details. Our clients reach us by calling at (704) 315-2120 or sending us an email at

We understand you may face an issue of trust when hiring someone from another country. Hence, for an alternative pre-sale process – to have a workshop in our office in 4711 Forest Drive, Ste 3 #138 Columbia, SC 29206 USA.

Such a workshop can play a huge role in shaping your enterprise mobile app design & development idea. During the workshop, you receive unique marketing strategies, tech solutions, tips on system architecture, and other information based on your business needs.

Secondly, according to your project details our manager, technical lead, business analyst makes a rough cost estimate for your project.  

Thirdly, if you agree with the estimated cost, we provide a commercial offer that includes non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and estimation of inception phase cost.

The main reason why we deal with the inception phase separately?

  1. We offer you an additional service in the form of inception phase. It includes developing technical documentation, and other relevant documents based on your business.
  2. The inception phase needs much more effort, energy, and time. It might take 2 weeks to 2 months.

Inception Phase:

During the inception phase, we schedule a kick-off meeting with the help of our mobile app design and development team including business analysts, project managers, and solution architects. At this stage our Solution Architect and Business Analyst take care of the following:

  • Identify project value as well as your business processes
  • Validate all the third-party integrations, APIs, and SDKs.
  • Visualize server architecture
  • Demonstrate the working logic of front end, back end, and project server

To craft a well-written document, the break-down of features occurs into smaller parts – user cases based on your project needs. We arrange a whole team of professionals to create your project design. Our business analysts create mock-ups and designers build a highly interactive app prototype for iOS and Android app development.

We use detailed project information, technological solutions, unique features, use cases, and project roadmap. Finally, we forward the estimate to you.

When you agree with the inception phase deliverables along with the final project estimate, then an additional agreement that we offer includes:

  • Project iterations
  • Team composition for efficient project delivery
  • Number of man-hours required to complete your project

The project scope may vary according to your project needs, no matter if we are working on project MVP or going to add additional features to the project.

Development – Testing – Production:

Instead of working on a complete part and conducting massive development and comprehensive testing of iOS or Android app development, we work on a small part with improved functionality during one iteration. Our team fixes the bug, tests the product, and shows your outcome via a demo call. The next step includes uploading the developed part.

What do We Create During the Development Stage?

(i) Definition of Ready:

It’s defined by the business analyst and project manager.

(ii) Definition of Done:

Tested by quality assurance engineer to ensure bug-free user story.

(iii) Acceptance Criteria: 

How the functions of apps are accepted by you.

(iv) Product Release:

When all user stories are created we show you a demo for the final project via a Skype call. If you get satisfactory results and accept the project, you get access to the database and other project-related data.

(v) Project Monitoring:

After the demo of the final project, we offer support and maintenance services to fix any errors or bugs. In two weeks we fix the application. Our support services also include additional packages. The package includes team members, response time, and support duration.

How Our Personalized App Solutions Guarantee Project Visibility?

MessageMuse take the following actions for successful project delivery:

(i) Instant Communication:

From the very first step of pre-sale to the final step of the project demo, we show you the final product and ensure client-satisfaction by receiving your feedback.

(ii) Transparent Process:

With the help of qualified team and relevant project management tools, we track time for task completion from inception to end.

(iii) Clear Project Scope:

We pay attention to project details, functional decomposition, scope, and user-stories development, to ensure on-time and on-budget project delivery.

MessageMuse Models for Co-Operations:

All clients come up with specific business needs. Hence for effective cooperation, we offer you, different models:

1. Time & Material for Project:

We are responsible for quality project delivery within the specified time. We focus on your product and make it appealing to your audience.

2. Dedicated Team:

One project takes a maximum of two months. We mutually agree with our clients on the project requirements and specified time.

3. Extended Team/Out Staff:

If your project needs more than six months, then we have the option of out-staffing. We add more developers to the team working on your project.

Why Choose MessageMuse for Your Business App Development?

Full-service digital agency MessageMuse offers you all-in-one digital marketing solutions for startups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, and big enterprises. Providing you iOS and Android app development service.

Our one-stop-shop offers you web/mobile designs, usability designs, and software development. We also offer you various other services email design, reputation management, local business optimization, social media marketing, and other marketing services.

(i) Best Experience Delivered:

We offer the best possible service, use the latest technologies, and ensure great user exercises. Our developers, coding engineers and designers have in-depth knowledge of the IT sector. We focus on client satisfaction and building a strong customer-client relationship.

(ii) Multi-Tenant Cloud Enabled:

Our full-stack development services create business apps for retail, eHealth, real estate, banking, education, telecommunications, healthcare, entertainment, and e-commerce.

(iii) Business Reputation Management:

We offer you SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media marketing, blogs/article writing, and analytics for small and medium businesses. We deal with on-demand service apps, app marketing, and PR.

(iv) Custom App Development:

We undertake iPhone, iPad, Android app development according to your business needs. Our developers and QA engineers carry out full-cycle development from inception to end and from idea to testing.

  • AR/VR app design
  • AR/VR app development
  • Mobile app design
  • TV app design
  • Android app design
  • IoT app development
  • iOS app development

Our Mission:

Our aim is to help your business stand out from the rest with quality project delivery. We bring technology and creativity together to ensure your enterprise app maximizes user interaction and thus your business can touch the sky. We collaborate with you to bring your imagination into reality with creativity and innovation. We offer design strategy, digital advisory, UI/UX services, expertise in blockchain, AR, VR, chatbots, wearable, Android or iOS app development and other emerging strategies.

Our Vision:

We take care of all phases of development, including planning, risk mitigation, budgeting, and implementation. We believe in strategy, insight, research and the latest technology. Creating impactful digital experiences in a mobile-first world. We have a deep foundation in mobile app design and development.

We create user-friendly interfaces to attain maximum lead capture – ensuring the efficient functionality of mobile apps so that your business can scale greater heights. We allow collaboration and produce results that are in line with your business strategy. We take full responsibility for successful business strategy and quality results. 

Our Specialties:

  • Full range of software development
  • Agile software development
  • Custom app development
  • Mobile/Website application development
  • User experience
  • CRM
  • Web development
  • Game development
  • iPhone Apps
  • We design
  • UI and UX
  • Product design
  • Microsoft technologies
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • chatbots, blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • A/R & V/R
  • Front end
  • Back end
  • Programming
  • Mobile app design
  • Mac development
  • Open-source app development
  • Graphic designing
  • WordPress design
  • Mobile web design
  • Joomla & Drupal development
  • PHP/.Net development
  • Magento e-commerce solution
  • App icon and logo design
  • Prototyping & demonstrating
  • Android app development
  • iOS developer
  • QA and product testing

Why Choose MessageMuse?

  • Co-working
  • Technology consulting
  • Business intelligence
  • Mobile strategy
  • Strategic research
  • Proper consultation
  • Expertise in E-business
  • E commerce solutions