Psssssstttt. Can you Keep a Secret? Then Come Closer and I’ll Whisper in your Ear. Nauman Akbar, Founder and Owner of MessageMuse, Talks about What is New for his Digital Marketing Agency.

This is not my usual blog but it is year-end which brings with it a lot of paperwork and a time to reflect on what has happened in the months that have passed. Despite some of the challenges that always come with a new company, we have been extremely blessed over the past year and I wanted to share what is going on here at MessageMuse.

Although I have been part of the digital marketing services arena for more years than I care to admit, my newest venture, MessageMuse is a fledgling company that is just a little over a year old. My goal in starting MessageMuse was to give clients a one-stop shop for all their digital service needs. Too often I saw clients move from one agency to another to get all the services they needed to create a marketing plan and a digital presence. They would start with web design services and stay with their web developer for SEO services. But when it came time to provide an ecommerce structure or social media management (SMM) services, suddenly they found themselves out shopping for a company to provide those options. Or if in the process of creating an online sales presence they had mobile app development project, then they may in fact be required to find yet another company to help.

Not only did it seem inefficient for a client to have more than one digital marketing company to help them, it was also more expensive. The company that can give you the best result for future projects is clearly the one who knows you best and knows the capability of the digital marketing tools a company has already invested in. So, with the idea of giving customers everything under one roof with the significant savings for using offshore resources, MessageMuse was born. I didn’t know if this approach would work and we have certainly had challenges along the way. But here we are 14 months later and so much has changed.

First and foremost, we are bursting at the seams. We have just gone through yet another rearranging of the office to make more room for new hires. I and one other employee used to have all the space to ourselves. Now when I look around the work spaces, it is a busy place. Instead of being mostly alone, I am joined by 14 others who are, in my humble opinion, some of the most talented digital marketing associates you can find anywhere. I really don’t think there is another team who can surpass them in talent. Whether it is something as basic as web development or logo design, or something a complex as mobile app development projects with all the bells and whistles, our MessageMuse employees never disappoint.

In addition to having much more company around the office we have also expanded our services. Just when I thought we offered the largest variety of digital marketing services, our clients asked for something else. I am flattered that they trust us and push us to do more for them. Out of those requests we now offer in-app animation as part of our mobile app development services. This is exciting for me because animation has always been one of my passions. Getting to offer animation through my company is something that brings me joy daily.

We have also just launched a comprehensive mobile app marketing program. Interestingly, the mobile app marketing initiative does a bit of a wraparound back to more traditional services of web development, SEO services and branding. Since MessageMuse is usually the mobile app developer, it seemed a natural fit for us to promote the app. After all, who knows it better?

In addition to many more employees and two new services, we also have to talk about our expanded presence. Our first location and home base was in Columbia, SC. This location also gives us proximity to Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA.

We noticed, however, that many of our clients hailed from Houston, TX., especially those who were looking for mobile app development services. Houston seems to have investors that want to try all the new and exciting features that traditional app development doesn’t embrace. With that sort of maverick spirit and encouragement we felt that establishing a presence in the Houston area would be a great fit. So about two months ago, we went for it.

And if that wasn’t enough, a friend suggested that we look at expanding to London, England. I have family there so it was a natural fit. Now we have established our presence in Croydon, Surrey and we are currently maturing our first lead in London.

What has been the biggest surprise of all is how overwhelming the response has been for us here in Lahore, Pakistan. Needless to say, it thrills me to no end to see my fellow countrymen seeking out the digital marketing services that MessageMuse offers. We have been techno-savvy but now seeing the willingness to invest in mobile app development, website designs, and mobile marketing services is a new and exciting aspect of what I hope will continue to be a great source of business.

As you can see, our year at MessageMuse has been an eventful one. And at the urging of a friend who insists on being a “backseat” editor, I will share with you the last three changes that have come about this year. I have a lot more gray hair than I did a year ago and I have a few more pounds around my middle. And I have learned to survive without much sleep since we are working in a lot of different time zones. There, now you know everything.

We hope you will continue to give us the support and trust that we have enjoyed this past year. Where 2018 will lead us, no one knows but I am sure whatever changes come our way, it will be exciting here at MessageMuse.

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