Just Talking to Myself: Nauman Akbar, Founder and Owner of MessageMuse, a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency, Discusses the Latest in SEO Techniques (Part 5)

Interviewer: We continue our interview with Nauman Akbar, the founder and owner of MessageMuse, a full service digital marketing agency. Most of our interviews have focused on reputation management and what a digital agency can do to help a person form and project an image. But today, you have asked that we discuss some of the changes in SEO (search engine optimization) services. In a previous blog, Are we there yet?, you talk about the progress and time needed to build a strong and effective SEO strategy and how a website developer can assist with that. But now you are talking about something new in this arena. Why do you want to talk about this?

Nauman Akbar: Well, it is twofold. Of course, the most important reason is to keep customers of digital marketing up to speed on the latest concepts in SEO techniques so that they can ask their digital marketing agency or website developer to address these changes. And if that web developer doesn’t know what they are talking about, please call MessageMuse. We will be happy to help you. 

Interviewer: You said there were two reasons; what is the second?


Nauman Akbar: Well that is a bit of a personal joke and a “bow down” to a friend, who in retirement, decided to learn about SEO techniques and blogging. 
So I gave her some basic information, hoping that would keep her busy for a while. Well she turned out to be a bit more dogged in her pursuit of information and she started buying books and reading up on the topic. Suddenly, I get this message from her saying, “So tell me about these longtail keywords.” I knew then I was going to be doing a lot of explaining. Then I kept getting messages such as “Ask your SEO guy about these longtail keywords.” There was no putting her off.


Recently, in planning an SEO program for my own business, MessageMuse, my SEO team were discussing a strategy for voice searches that was a bit different from the strategy for standard SEO. When I heard “longtail keyword” come up in the discussion, I had to laugh. My friend was correct to be obsessed with her longtail keywords. So this discussion is to acknowledge that sometimes digital marketing strategies are just intuitive.

With standard SEO practices, you look for the words that will get you to the top of search results. These are usually one or two word phrases that will rank you and your efforts focus on that list of words.

But with the latest technology in voice searches, it changes some of that. Google Home, Siri, Amazon Echo, to name a few, change the perspective of how a digital marketing agency or a website developer designs his SEO strategy. These voice search devices just love my friend’s longtail keywords as much as she does. Unlike keyword searches that require typing out limited words, voice searches revert to conversational structures. The difference is a typed search of “web developer” and the voice search of “Siri, how do I find a web developer?” And voice search technology works much the same as traditional searches—the closest match ranks you the highest.

So the use of the longtail keywords that are most likely to be used in a voice search have to be accommodated by your digital marketing agency or your website developer.

Interviewer: So this is something new on the scene that many may not have considered. How widespread is the use of voice search? How much should we be concerned about incorporating this into our SEO plan?


Nauman Akbar: It’s estimated that about 40% of those who search do at least one voice search per day. That is pretty high. But as we move into the out-years, we expect the technology and the availability of voice search opportunities to significantly increase. Within another 3-4 years half of our searches will be voice searches. We know that it takes time for SEO strategies have their full effect. You don’t want your customer to lose what he has gained so as a responsible web developer or digital marketing agency, we have to start the process of building into the new areas of SEO. That way when the public eventually changes its search habits, your customers and their businesses are already there to greet them.

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