The mobile app industry is continuously growing and revolutionizing the entire world. Our daily activities now depend on Apps, for instance, from flight booking to online shopping to online banking and so on. As long as we have connected smart devices, startups and businesses will continue to focus on iPhone App design & development.

Statista reports that in 2020 almost $189 billion revenue will be generated by Apps. Digital agencies like MessageMuse are generating great profit based on their full-stack iPhone application development company.

Modern technologies have a great impact on iOS and android development. Various industries are growing their app development based on new and innovative technologies such as machine learning, internet of things, and AR/VR, etc.

App Development & Latest Technologies

Internet of Things:

The Internet of things has led to an increased number of IoT developers. And different industries related to real estate, retail, and fitness, etc. are using this emerging technology for iPhone app development.

IoT enabled apps are ready to make a big change in the business ecosystem. Users will soon have complete control over non-IoT devices through apps or remotes.


Due to its advanced features and high security, various app technologies are intending to use blockchain technology. Some of the best android apps prefer it because of its high level of security and tracking control that is very helpful in today’s cybercrime intensive world. The iOS app developers also need to use blockchain technology so that it can also be compatible with modern technology.


Various iOSapplication development technologies are using wearable smart devices. Theyhave changed the way we communicate with people and the way we get connectedwith other devices around us. The wearable technology can help the iPhone Appdevelopers to grow their businesses. That’s why several iPhone app development companies are banking on wearable.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality AR is a known term in the tech world. It serves a great purpose in the development of the iPhone app’s domain. It’s largely used in the gaming industry that has created a great influence on iOS App developers.

AR gives an upgraded and advanced gaming experience. Its integration with iOS apps ensures excellent user experience which is why it has become a trend.

Chatbot Technology:

In 2020 the adoption of Chatbots have increased to an exceptional level. Businesses that are adding this feature are expected to rise to maximum growth.

Popular services like cab services, online shopping, payment portals, and online banking are incorporating the chatbots in their business apps.

Concussion: These are some of the technologies that can be helpful in the iPhone App design and development companies. On such company MessageMuse develops apps, following the latest technological advancements. If you want to develop your app from scratch or need to upgrade your existing app, you can take our help.

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