You don’t know me: How your digital marketing agency can help you design an effective branding and marketing strategy.

Throughout the day, we are bombarded by branding and don’t even know it. Everyone would recognize many celebrity posts or famous product print ads without ever having any clear identifiers such as the product name. This is what a consistent, effective brand marketing campaign can do. Branding is that glue that binds you to a look, a feel, a service or an image. That connection can be powerful, long lasting and rich with new business potential.

Branding has one purpose—effective and dynamic marketing. It creates a platform on which all other activities are built. It is the first step in a comprehensive program that your digital marketing company can create for you.

Strategic branding and marketing are not easily accomplished and amateurs or do-it-yourself usually don’t succeed at it because they have no experience in thinking through a strategy for their brand or image.

When someone does decide that branding is what he needs, their digital marketing agency usually has a mess to clean up: years of mixed messages to the audience litter their past.

So what are the first steps to getting your brand out there and recognized. First, you have to hire the right people to help you with branding. A web developer won’t likely have the experience you will need. Instead, you need to engage a full spectrum digital marketing agency that can create a brand for you and then design a campaign around that brand. If you have a website and social media management services, you will probably have to make some adjustments to those marketing tools so that they come in line with the brand you are trying to project.

The obvious first question is: Who benefits from branding and marketing services?

  • Those who want to focus their marketing to a unique niche
  • Those who have a unique product or service
  • Those who need personal identification such as celebrities, politicians or public speakers

The process of creating your brand is an interesting one and will likely cause you to do a bit of soul searching to define who you want to be and how your business is seen in the marketplace. Your digital marketing agency will help go through the process but in the end, you have to know the image you want to have.

Before embarking on branding, go to your digital agency with the following information in hand:

1.  An understanding of your market and competitors:

  • Do you have many competitors?
  • What is their geographical reach?
  • What is their appeal or focus?

Knowing where your competition is in the market will identify where there will be opportunities for your business.

For example, if you are the only bakery that opens early in a business district, your branding will be different from a bakery that has 10 competitors within a half mile radius of each other. This is an important piece of information to share with your digital marketing company. Their marketing campaigns will look very different from one scenario to the other.

2. What are the skills that you can deliver? What are your strengths? How are your products or services uniquely strong?

As an example, if you have a beauty salon with several competitors close by, knowing that your business is the only salon that uses natural and organic products for your salon services is a key piece of information that your digital marketing consultant can build on.

3. How do your products or services you offer specifically meet the needs of customers who come to you?

As an example, a wholesale supply company decided to provide uniforms to include big and tall sizes. The uniforms in the large sizes became their biggest single seller within a matter of months. As one customer said, “I wouldn’t have work clothes if you didn’t carry them.” The wholesaler basically own the niche market in a large city. When his digital marketing agency learned this, focus on those products tripled their sales quickly.

4. Along that same line, what sets you apart from all your business competitors?

This category will overlap with others but it is important to review. In fact, as you are doing so, you may realize that you don’t have a differentiating service or niche and you need to provide one. As an example, if a company offers aptitude and skills evaluations, focusing your marketing toward young adults who need to find their way in the world so they can move out of their parents’ house may be just the thing that will cause the counselor’s phone to ring. Discuss these unique differentiating features and your digital marketing agency will help you seize those business opportunities.

Go armed with information to your digital agency meeting. It will help them understand you and your business or personality and will give you a jump start on effective branding.

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