What’s that you say: How to keep your Social Media Management (SMM) efforts growing through your Digital Marketing Agency.

In our previous blog, we talked about how to get started with an SMM program and we discussed the roll your digital marketing consultant can play in helping you in making that happen.

So now you have to execute your social media marketing plan. Remember you need more than a website designer to handle this project. Get the help from a digital marketing company to get the most out of your efforts and keep the following tips in mind.

Make them want to follow you. Some businesses have it easier than others in this department. If you are a local celebrity, you will have an easier time getting and keeping fans. But someone with a less than exciting business will struggle to make it happen. How many people want to follow their plumber on Facebook? This is where your digital marketing agency can help guide you with content: plumbing tips, unusual plumbing request stories, pictures and descriptions of pluming jobs, humor related to plumbing, and discount specials. A fan base for most businesses doesn’t happen by accident. And if you want more followers than your immediate family and your neighbors, you will need some help in providing engaging content.

Post regularly but with an eye for the realistic. If you are running a business, you likely have very little time to spend on social media management. What is more important than a heavy posting schedule is a consistent one. Digital marketing agencies are quick to recommend that do-it-yourself social media management should have a reasonable expectation regarding workload. Posting meaningful content once a week is better than a flurry of posts and then a month of silence. Long gaps in posting lets your customers forget about you or worst yet may give the impression that you are no longer in business. So as in other initiatives, in social media management, first do no harm by avoiding inconsistent posting patterns.

Listen to your customers and engage them in a positive way. Social media is a two-way street where your customers can give you public feedback. Understand that every comment will not be a positive one and you must be accomplished in turning the negative comment into a positive interaction. And your customers will be watching how you treat the person who is less than happy with you. This is where an expert digital marketing manager can help the most. Monitoring comments, responding to customers, and turning bad posts into positive exchanges takes time and a certain skill. So let the pros handle it.

Review your statistics. This is where you really need the help of a professional digital marketing agency. If you are going to spend time and some of your budget on social media initiatives, you need to know how to improve. To do that, you learn from the analytics that are available. Your digital marketing consultant has a host of tools to tell you what was good and what was bad. By doing more of what was good and avoiding what was bad, you begin to build your following.

So welcome to the new world of digital marketing. Jump right in but get some help along the way. It will guarantee a positive outcome for your business.

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