Put the Money on Me: Final Steps for Hiring a Mobile App Development Company — An Interview with Nauman Akbar, Founder and Owner of MessageMuse (Part 3)

Interviewer: We continue our interview with Nauman Akbar, the founder and owner of MessageMuse, a full service digital marketing agency. We were talking about how to find the right mobile app developer. In that, you discussed what some of the initial steps were to finding the right app developer for your project. In the previous part of our conversation, Apply put, we discussed some of the questions to ask to start the vetting process for a mobile app developer. After you have a few digital marketing companies selected from some initial interviews, what would be the next steps that will ultimately get you to sign with the right digital agency?

Nauman Akbar: There are still a few more steps that will benefit a person who is looking to launch his own mobile app. Cost is a big factor in any mobile app development project. Getting an accurate cost estimate will be key to making the project viable and profitable for the person who is making the investment. Most people who have an idea for an app rarely understand the technical requirements that will be needed to make the app function correctly so it is important that the design concept be well defined. That way a digital agency can give an accurate bid on the mobile app development project. If key features are not included in the bid specs then adding critical components will require change requests and that translates into more costs.

My best advice to anyone looking to create his own mobile app is to map out all the functions and screens before starting serious talks with a digital marketing company. The detailed documentation will likely lead to more questions and discussion and will ultimately produce an accurate and all-inclusive bid.

Interviewer: Are there some critical features that need to be considered in the bid process?

Nauman Akbar: Yes. I would say there are three big ones:

  • Do you need both an Android and an iOS app or do you want to create an app for only one phone platform?
    Some projects may be for only a selected audience and knowing that phone demographic can save time and money for a project. So if you don’t need an Android app developed, money can be saved.
  • Do you need a lite version of your app?
    This decision will rest on one thing: Is the app complex with lots of features, so much so that it may turn off the average user. In effect, are you likely to lose a user because the app is too complex for initial use. If the answer is probably, then you need a lite version of the app where features can be added as the user becomes more familiar with navigation and functions.
  • How are you going to make money from your app? As an app developer, I find this to be one of the oddest things that is overlooked. Mobile apps are not cheap and to think that someone is not going to try to recoup his investment is a bit strange to me. How you make money from your app will be critical to pricing since these monetization components are usually the costliest features.

Interviewer: Is there anything else to consider when someone wants to create his own mobile app?

Nauman Akbar: Yes, but it is not related to the actual app development and many people forget to include it in their budgets. The market is full of apps so it is logical that you will need to make your app known to the public. People can’t download your app if they don’t know about it. So after mobile app development, marketing becomes a critical component for success. And the budget for marketing is not small. I generally advise clients to plan on spending half again as much on marketing their app as they did on mobile app development. So if you spend $150,000 on mobile app development, then plan on spending another $75,000 on marketing.

Interviewer: Mobile app development seems to be an expensive endeavor. Are there any ways to save on the entire mobile app development process?

Nauman Akbar: There are three.

  1. Do as much detailed planning as you can—from app screen flows to screen design. This will help your digital marketing agency with an accurate bid and will save them time planning the details of the app. It will also give them an idea of the look you are going for related to screens which in turn will reduce the time needed for design.
  2. Use a full service digital marketing company to do your mobile app development. A full service digital agency can do your digital marketing as well. That allows you to save time by developing the app concurrently with planning the marketing. Also by negotiating a mobile app development project with a marketing plan, you can ask for a package deal discount.
  3. Consider using an offshore digital marketing agency. There are big savings here. Very little mobile app development is done onsite. Most of the projects for app development in the US and Europe are done by offshore companies that partner with brokers in the US and Europe. The complexity of work and the talent needed to do the most sophisticated mobile app development would be too expensive for most to afford if all the workers were sitting in the agency’s office. So more than likely your mobile app development project is already being done by an offshore company. By contracting directly with the offshore mobile app development company or an offshore digital marketing agency, you can save up to half the cost of your project. The significant savings makes this a “must consider” option.

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