Plan your trip: How To Hire a Website Developer at an Affordable Price—An interview with Nauman Akbar (Part 1), founder and owner of MessageMuse

Interviewer: Nauman Akbar, you have been in this business for some time. And now you are offering your services through your company, MessageMuse. What sets your company apart from the other digital marketing agencies?

Nauman Akbar: I wanted to offer a full spectrum of digital marketing services to my clients that come to me. Many times, someone will have a basic need such as a website design. Then as their business or function grows, they will need more services such as logo design, an enterprise app to streamline their processes, or reputation management. So many digital marketing agencies offer limited services but I wanted to be able to deliver all the services a client may need throughout his business journey. I feel it is important to the process to have a beginning-to-end business strategy that is supported by social media activities. So many digital marketing companies see the social media activities as the primary activity—not their client’s business.

In addition to the social media strategy, we offer consulting to our clients regarding business strategies as well. We help them see new and different ways to boost their business. This is also another important difference in MessageMuse. We look for business solutions first. Then we can help our client build the social media and IT tools they will need to execute those ideas. If you do it the other way around, it is like putting the horse in back of the cart. And from the business strategies to the social media and technical tools comes the business message that will unify all the initiatives.

Interviewer: So does a prospective client have to know a lot about social media and technology to use your services? If he doesn’t know much about these things, how does he get that knowledge so he can avail himself of digital marketing services?

Nauman Akbar: Our clients come to us with a variety of experiences and knowledge about digital marketing. Understanding the art and science of digital marketing is my job—not my clients’. We count on our clients to know what they want to achieve and to know the business that they want to promote. With their knowledge and ours, we can form a powerful team to grow their presence in the digital marketing world. MessageMuse prides itself in educating our clients as to the strategy and the role social media and technology can play. Powerful technology tools are now available to even the smallest business. As a comprehensive digital marketing agency, we use the latest technology to deliver what our clients want and need.

Interviewer: You hear a lot about people creating their own websites. Does that save money for a small business that needs a website?

Nauman Akbar: Not really. There is more to a website than the information that is displayed when the home page is displayed. Remember that as a business you are trying to hold the attention of customers longer than your competitors do. To do that your website design has to employ graphic design tools that will get a customer’s attention. More important are the hidden structures within the website design and content that will allow you to use search engine optimization (SEO) to get customers to your page. Furthermore, a professional website designer can structure your website design for future growth. That will save you time and money in the long run. For example, if you know that one day you will want to expand your business to include e-commerce functionality, critical structural components can be included in the initial website design and that will save you from having to restructure your entire website when it is time to add e-commerce.

Those who start with a do-it-yourself website usually end up coming to a professional digital marketing company or web developer to get the job done right.

Interviewer: If a business owner needs to start with a professional website design done by a web developer, are there ways to save money in this process?

Nauman Akbar: Absolutely there are ways to save money on website design. I generally make several recommendations to clients working with a tight budget. But these tips apply to anyone who is hiring a digital marketing agency. The first thing that I recommend is that you think through all the components of your business that you want to convey or deliver through your website. All components, both for now and in the future, should be identified. List these features and prioritize them. That will give your website developer a road map of where you need to be now and where you want to go in the future. These parameters will provide the necessary information to price compare your project as well.

The second recommendation I give to potential clients is to select the digital marketing agency that can do all of your projects—for now and in the future. This is actually a big money and time saver. A company that develops your website through the years is already familiar with the architecture of your website design. If you start with one digital agency and have to move to another to get new features added to your website, you will likely have to start from scratch with the design itself. That will cost additional time and money for a client.

The third recommendation I always make to clients is to explore the use of an offshore company such as MessageMuse. The cost savings can be significant which means you get much more for your money. Most digital marketing agencies already use back-office companies to do web development, app development and SEO functions. So what you are doing is paying the man in the middle sometimes double what you would have to pay a digital marketing company that you direct source. Now that there are so many ways to communicate with clients all over the world, working with clients to deliver digital marketing products that they want is even easier than working with a local company. At MessageMuse, we are a 24/7 access company that works with clients on their schedule, not ours. We are not limited to the usual 8-hour work day that most local digital marketing companies have. We understand that very few business owners have the luxury of working only 8 hours a day. And as their partners in business we have to meet them when they have time.

Interviewer: This concludes the first part of our interview with Nauman Akbar, founder and owner of MessageMuse. Look for future tips for hiring the best digital marketing agency for your business. Nauman Akbar has many more important information to share with his readers.

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