How Do I Hire an Android App Developer?

Hiring someone without preparation can be an overwhelming task. MessageMuse offers you a complete guide to finding the best Android App Developers in USA.

When looking for the best Android developer enterprises have to spend hours and hours. We offer you useful thumb rules so that it’s easy for you to find the right match for your project.

1. Portfolio:

One of the main steps in hiring a developer is an impressive app portfolio. Look for the portfolio on the company’s website. Go through the sample apps, check out their functionalities, and analyze their features. Read the user’s reviews to get an idea about its quality.

2. Expert Skills:

The most obvious step of the hiring Android App Development Services is discovering the right skills required for your project. Hire the best android coders. Also, the ones that have a sound knowledge of programming languages such as XML and Java, etc. If you’re looking for additional skills,find someone who is an expert in project management, SEO, social media marketing, PCC and advertising campaigns, etc.

3. Experience:

You want to filter out the companies that are experienced. Around four to six years of experience in android development is enough.

4. Critical Thinking & Creativity:

Make sure that the company you are going to hire takes a creative approach to your project. It’s an important skill to code, the app developer must be an all-rounder in creative design as well. And also, they should be able to think critically when handling a project.

5. Ask for the App’s Documentation:

Documentation is essential when you make changes to the app, add or remove features, alter functionality, undergo testing and application maintenance. Before hiring Android App Developers in USA, make sure if they can offer reliable documentation with readily available information. The documentation must include all necessary details, app name, IP, actual server location, URL to access the app, user account information, a point of contact, and directory path for the code.

6. Experience with Previous Clients:

You can ask the company you’re going to hire about their previous experience with clients. And based on their past work you can analyze their strengths and weak points.

7. Ask Relevant Question:

Ask them questions related to real-life issues an app faces in the world of technology so that you can dive into their thinking pattern.

What to Hire? Freelancers OR Android App Development Company:

Freelance Developers:


  • Control over the employment process
  • Costs are typically lower
  • Better understanding of internal processes


  • Hard to manage the entire team of freelancers
  • The recruitment process can be costly
  • When it comes to resource management there’s lack of flexibility

Mobile App Development Company:


  • Proven experience
  • Flexible resource management
  • Easy team assembly process
  • Transparency in terms of work
  • Predictability in terms of costs


  • Technical information may remain outside of your knowledge


If you need short term assistance, it may be better for you to hire a freelancer. However, for long-term project management, it’s always better to hire an app development company. MessageMuse is the first company in our recommendation list – they’re known for their trustworthy Android App Development Services,technical expertise, design skills, collaborative teamwork, critical thinking,and problem-solving abilities.

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