Most companies use local vendors for their Digital Marketing Solutions. But business relationships are changing fast for many reasons. Now your Digital Marketing Agency doesn’t have to be around the corner and there are some excellent reasons for that. Most local Digital Agencies have help from the talent of offshore companies, making the local entity just the middle man.

What are the advantages of using an offshore resource for your Digital Agency needs?

There are many but most fall within three categories:

1 – The variety of services offered is more sophisticated than those found in many digital agencies stateside.

It has long been known that the real talent in custom web design lies offshore. Universities place emphasis on the IT talent that lies beyond the US. Standard web development and web design can be found anywhere but do you want your business to look like everyone else’s? To compete in today’s market, you have to bring your A game. You have to offer something that your competitors don’t have. You must use a plethora of tools to win in your space. But where do you go to find every digital tool you will need: creative web design, SEO and SEM services, logo design, content management, ecommerce solutions, and app development. You don’t need just a web designer but a team of experts under one roof that can bring you digital solutions as your company grows. To find the IT talent needed, look beyond your home town. After all, many of the local agencies use offshore talent themselves and have back offices all over the world. So go to the source of digital marketing talent and look across the seas.

2 – You get to work directly with your digital marketing team.

Most local companies use sales reps to communicate with customers. Your needs and requests have to be communicated through several channels before you can see results. Wouldn’t it be great if you could talk to the web designer or coder yourself? You might find a better way of achieving your digital marketing goals and you may discover tools at your disposal that you didn’t know existed. Remember that digital technology is rapidly changing so to stand out from your competitors you have to employ the latest tools to your advantage. Since many of these new approaches are often developed offshore, you will find the talent there. To get those digital marketing dollars to count, go to the source. Talk directly to your digital agency team and together develop the best strategy for your business needs and budget.

It also should be mentioned that if your local digital marketing agency is outsourcing work to either local or offshore talent, not only are your ideas being passed through several channels but so are your payments. If you pay your digital agency but the agency doesn’t pay the web developer, then you won’t get the work done for your business. And you may not know it until there are significant issues with delivery. So paying directly through a secure and guaranteed source such as PayPal guarantees that you know the company doing the work has received payment and that you will have access to your project when it is complete.

3 – Your costs are significantly less.

Like all businesses, you want the most value for your money. The more digital marketing services you can get, the more chances you will have at growing your company. Working with an offshore company provides big savings to those needing IT services. Local digital agencies will cost more than double what an offshore company will charge for the same or better work. Remember, there are sales reps and middle men to pay when you go local. Using a budget-friendly offshore company can be a big plus for those just starting out and offers small business website design and IT solutions that would otherwise be out of reach using a local agency. And as your business expands, more economical advertising solutions lets you use your capital for what counts.

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