AI and Android App Development Make Enterprise Mobile Apps Smarter in 2020

Emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have found their place in Android app development. These smart technologies are helping enterprises in every sense.

They are getting popular globally for offering business app solutions. With its great potential for modern enterprises, it’s benefiting the digital agencies in many different ways. It’s now an inseparable part of enterprise applications.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Customized Android App Development

Statista reports that the global AI software market is expected to grow 126% by the end of 2020 – reaching a forecast size of over 17 billion USD. It indicates the exceptional growth of the artificial intelligence software market. AI introduces various other technologies including machine learning, machine reasoning, natural language processing, computer vision, among others.  

It’s beneficial for object identification, image recognition, and a lot of other revenue generation proportions. Android app development services like MessageMuse integrate these technologies into your business app and make it more intelligent. AI predicted to have the next great technological shift and will be used in almost every industry vertical, just like the smartphone revolution.

AI proves to have a wide-ranging multidimensional impact on the mobile app industry. Businesses are constantly trying to introduce new features in apps. AI has become a topic of growth amongst trendsetters in the field. The versatile nature of technology is opening up a whole new world of innovations. Here AI plays its role and takes your mobile App development to the next level. AI solutions gear up user engagement, with a better understanding of users’ behavior patterns.

Google has changed its ‘mobile-first’ strategy into ‘AI first’ and introduced new Google AI tools. These tools allow developers to develop high-end mobile apps. Let’s start with one of the useful features:

Face Detection:

This feature is used in various applications as a safety measure. As obvious from its name, it identifies the user’s face for surveillance purposes. Real-time face detection helps in monitoring a person’s movements. iOS and Android devices integrate this feature in their cameras for face recognition in different frames. Facebook uses this technology in its algorithm to identify users’ faces in the posted pictures.

Image Labeling:

Mobile app development industries implement this feature for addressing different objectives. With the help of Image Labeler Apps, developers give interactive labels to the images. This technology classifies an image by assigning a label to rectangular ROIs i.e region of interest. It gives an interactive experience to the users; as a result, they create a connection with the images and objects.

Landmark Detection:

This unique feature helps in locating the particular points present in the 2D images. Experts define these points in a specific research-based domain. Landmark detection is a starting procedure of a complex research process. It’s similar to Facial Landmark Detection. It enhances security during payment transfer and makes it safer to make transactions.


AI provides predictive analytics by monitoring buying choices, gathering user information, activating the system, and showing personalized recommendations. It plays a huge role in customized Android App development with personalized features. Personalization in an Android App builds a stronger connection with your customers and increases conversion rate. With the help of this useful business strategy, enterprises can increase their revenue and excel in the competition. 

Text Recognition:

It involves two processes: text detection and text recognition. It detects the texts from different media files. To recognize the detected texts, the futuristic technology of AI breaks the text into distinct segments. Developers can add this feature either as a standalone app or integrate it into any other app. This feature creates different tasks for the gamers in word puzzle Android gaming apps.


It proves to be one of the most revolutionary concepts for android app development. It gathers customers’ interests and other relevant data by interacting with real audiences. Aiming for improved customer service. With chatbots, enterprises don’t feel the need to hire a customer service agent. Due to its human-like interaction with the consumers, it’s becoming a part of android apps for various businesses like healthcare, e-commerce, and insurance companies. It’s going to be an integral part of apps. There are lots of apps with a Chatbot feature, for instance, Apple Siri and Snapchat. It enhances the audio and video features in a smart device.

Smart Reply:

The smarter version of Gmail combines AI and ML technologies. One of the significant features is the Smart Reply. Mobile app development agencies use this AI-based feature in business apps. It opens a way for easy communication and saves you time. The emerging technologies AI and ML can make a big difference in business applications. The integration of this technology into your business system may increase development charges, however, it’s worth the investment because of its enhanced brand reputation and higher ROI (return on investment).

Role of AI in Various Industry Verticals:

AI-enabled solutions include thorough market research and analysis. Such solutions gather all relevant data and eradicate the chances of any errors. Over 30% of mobile app development companies prefer AI for better marketing strategies as well as for boosting the sales rate.

Improved Search Experience:

AI enhances user search experience. Voice recognition technology makes it a lot easier. Integration of ML and AI suggests new ways of searching that take the user experience to the next level.

Forecasting Marketing:

Marketers need to gather, analyze and maintain user information. It takes a lot of effort, time and energy. AI-powered applications analyze and manage data in a systematic way.

Why Integrate AI into Mobile App Development?

With the meaningful impact on growth, business relations and client expectations, AI has got the highest spotlight. It introduces some striking transformations in the world of mobile app development.

By incorporating AI into apps, smartphones can play advanced technology roles, such as text recognition, image lagging, landmark recognition, barcode scanning, and face recognition. Mobile apps with in-built AI features bring an amazing user experience.

Highly Optimized Searching Process:

The searching process is becoming less troublesome and more intuitive with relevant suggestions, spelling corrections, and voice search. Artificial intelligence optimizes the searching process.

Study Behavior Patterns:

Retail giants like Amazon and eBay use machine-learning and AI-driven mobile apps. The algorithms can find trends, sift through data, adjust apps to create context-reach opportunities for users. Enterprises can collect data via point-of-sale machines, to offer strategically improved user experience.

Android app development companies integrate algorithms in apps to analyze users’ behaviors, make relevant recommendations once they send requests through search engines. This tech method is playing a huge role in the e-commerce sector. It contributes to offering personalized products and enhanced sales experience.

Digital Assistance:

Companies are now incorporating AI to create digital assistants. You will find them in smart TVs, smart speakers, smartphones, and other internet-connected smart devices. It improves service efficiency by 80%. AI-assistants accept voice commands, allowing internet searches, scheduling, setting alarms, message dictation, controlling media playback. You can easily control things like Wi-Fi, volume, and Bluetooth.

Enhanced Security:

AI is used for security purposes in e-commerce apps. The technology is incorporated successfully in Android app development industries because it offers a fast authentication process with enhanced security.

Use Cases:

Starbucks – Starbucks introduces a cloud-based flywheel program. Supported by AI and ML for personalization. It collects customer’ data and suggests a personalized routine to the buyers.

Amazon – Amazon revolutionized its working process with AI. Smart technology has a deep understanding of recommendation problems based on users’ buying history and purchase behavior.

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