Why Your Business Needs a Mobile E-Commerce Application

Wondering why a mobile E-commerce application rules the IT world? Well, in the mobile era of 2020 apps are becoming a game of survival for small, mid-scale, and big enterprises. Surprisingly, worldwide sales through smartphone devices are expected to grow to 3.5 trillion US dollars in 2021. That’s why businesses roll out the red carpet for eCommerce apps for their web-shops.

Benefits of a Mobile Ecommece Application:

Mobi-sites are not enough. Mobile apps, on the other hand, offer key benefits. Here are some compelling reasons why you need to build a mobile E-commerce application.

Mobile Apps Are Faster - Mobile apps are 1.5 times faster than mobile sites. They fetch data in the blink of an eye. Robust apps with seamless experience increase users' interest. And as a result, they spend more time on your app.

Contactless Payments - App’s digital payment gateways offer instant money transfer solutions. Contactless payment options ensure security, speed, and ease during this Covid-19 pandemic.

High User Retention Rate - A well designed and personalized mobile E-commerce application facilitates user retention rate and helps you gain loyal customers.

Better Conversion Rate - Mobile apps are a powerful tool to draw the user’s attention and advertise your services. Hence, increased brand recognition results in the app’s success.

Increased Profit Rate -  As a rule, apps are created based on the user's preferences. A user-friendly mobile E-commerce application with the right concept brings more users; that leads to more orders, and consequently, you get more revenue.

User-Centric Personalization - Customers love tailored content. Personalization is based on the user's interest, location, age, gender, culture, and behaviors that clearly define users' needs and prove best to offer custom recommendations.

Seamless Experience - Instant online and offline access offer a seamless experience to the users. Loading offline news and articles, playing offline games, storing, and using vital data without internet connectivity is simply wonderful.

Detailed Analytics - A mobile E-commerce application is a proven platform to gather accurate data. By monitoring user interactions you can collect information about responsiveness, features used, audience preferences, session length, etc. Therefore, you’re able to update apps and create personalized content.

Using Device Features - Unlike Mobi-sites, apps allow users to use device features. Including cameras, PDFs, Bar Codes, QR, NFC, etc.

Instant Non-Intrusive Push Notifications - In-app notifications send instant updates that promote your product and service.

Brand Ambassador - The layout, design, and color of a mobile E-commerce application represents your company, your vision, your brand.

Productivity Improvement & Cost Reduction - Apps build an instant connection with users, increase communications, enhance interactive engagement, and reduce marketing costs.

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