Don’t just sit there– Do something: Preparing for your digital marketing future.

So, you have decided that it’s time to create a website for your company or to revamp the one you have. How do you prepare for that?

Sometimes that blank sheet of paper staring at you can be daunting. A good start is gathering some basic information that will help you get what you want for your business—the digital marketing agency that is right for your project and a website design that will help your business grow in the years to come.

First, list out what you want your website to do for you. Think about what you need now and what you may need in the future. Let’s get started. I promise the process won’t be difficult at all if you break down the steps:

1. What are the essential functions and information you need for your custom website design: your URL name (let your web developer help you with this), business location, your mailing address if different from your location, hours of operation, phone number, what you do, who you are, and what special services or products you offer that your competitors do not. These don’t have to be essays just your notes in phrases. Gather any photos you wish to include. Your web development company will help you organize and present the information. It is recommended that you create electronic files of this information. It makes information easier to organize and keep for future use.

2. List the geographic locations of your customers and the areas you would like to expand into. This important information for your web design company because it determines where your search engine optimization (SEO) services must focus.

3. What do you want the website to do in the future? This is a tough one to describe but planning ahead is always important: it will help your web developer create a website that can grow with your business. For example, do you plan to expand your services or the type of inventory you will offer? Will you need eCommerce web design features? Do you want your customer purchases to update your inventory system or create shipping information which can be done with an enterprise app? Do you want customers to be able to make appointments or reserve products on a mobile app? Your company’s future needs can have a significant impact on how your digital agency designs your website. Once you have made your wish list, prioritize your needs. Clearly, you can’t get more customers until you have a website and SEO services. But after the basics are satisfied, then you have to make some hard choices. It is best to think through your future needs at the beginning of your digital marketing journey so you have a roadmap clearly defined. As an example, if you know you want to eventually develop online order taking, an enterprise app for improved productivity, and a mobile app for customers, you may choose to develop the enterprise app first to reduce operational costs so that you will have funds for mobile app development. Your priorities can change but at least you will have a vision of what you need to accomplish.

4. How much can you spend? You will need a one-time budget amount for the actual website design and a monthly amount to maintain your website, add content and provide SEO services. If you can’t afford the ongoing monthly costs, then get your website up and running but let your digital marketing company know that you plan to add services as finances permit. This will allow them to prepare your site with key words needed to add other digital marketing features.

Good digital marketing companies will work with you to give you the most for your budget. You may want to explore the use of an offshore digital company because of the lower costs. Many times, you can get twice as much in the way of services as you would work with a local digital brokerage company who will then pass your work to an offshore company. MessageMuse offers many more options for customers and can customize a program tailored to your company’s needs.

So do your prep work and call us at (704) 315-2120 to see what a great digital marketing partnership can do for your business success.

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