Nickeled and Dimed to Death: How to Compare Web Development Pricing

Let’s face it, comparison shopping is part art and part science and a lot of intuition. How to compare web development pricing can be difficult—probably not as hard as comparison shopping for a car or a cell phone plan—but it offers some challenges in that most business owners are new to the services that a digital marketing company has to offer.

As with most purchases, what you don’t know can hurt you—or at least your pocketbook. In a previous article, Website Design Services Costs, we discuss how to educate yourself on what services are available, what services you will need for your business, and the prioritization process that should be done with the help of your digital marketing agency.

This list becomes very important to comparison shopping. Within each category will be features or “hidden costs” that need to be detailed before your comparison shop.

  • Does your website design need to be dynamic or will it be stagnant? In today’s market, any website that provides growth potential, needs to be dynamic. So be sure to ask your website designer what he would recommend and why.
  • Is the website SEO ready? What types of SEO bundles does your digital marketing company offer?
  • Who will provide content writing services and blog writing—you or your digital agency? Unless you are a frustrated writer, it is likely that you will not have the time or the skills to do blog writing. And digital marketing companies will not likely provide this service. If they do then get samples of their work and the costs broken out for such work. Ask if they only work with a specific group of blog writers as they may charge more than others available for hire. That in itself may turn a bargain into a high cost project.
  • Do you need a Facebook page to go with your website? Do you need boosting services? What is the cost of those boosts to you? Many digital agencies will pass boosting costs to you while others offer packages that include some boosting.

After you get all the components for your digital marketing services identified, list them on a spreadsheet and begin to shop. With comparison charts of the website designers, it will be much easier to know how to compare website design services pricing and which digital agency offers the best value. And when you are choosing the digital marketing agencies to compare, always select at least one offshore digital marketing company to price. You may find that they offer so much more for your money and can beat competitors by a significant amount. One that should be on your list for pricing is MessageMuse, a full service digital marketing agency.

Now set up that spreadsheet and go shopping. You will be armed with a methodology that should give you great results and you will have a strategy for how to compare website design services pricing.

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