The technology wars continue with stronger armies of tools and ever-expanding capabilities. For much of the rest of the world, iPhone is the dominant player but in the US Android is king.

Now with the muscle of Google and its deep pockets, Android has launched an offensive all its own. And they have stolen some tricks from the Apple playbook by introducing new device features with a lot of publicity buzz.

If you want to connect with a broad base of customers, Android app development is a must. Unlike iPhone, Android has multiple hardware partners and is offered through all carriers. This gives you a broad base of customers to serve. Any app development projects must include an Android app.

Whether your app is for entertainment or is one of functionality for your company, you need to provide your Android customer base the same experience as those on an iPhone platform. To do otherwise, you are eliminating the majority of your market.

But for your customer and your business to get the full benefit of a custom app you have to find an app development company that understands the tools offered by Android and the requirements needed to get your app approved. Let the experts show you all the tools available to you in an Android app—from enterprise-grade mobile apps
To the latest “WOW” that can keep your customer coming back for more.

Ironically, while you want to create the same customer experience for both your Android and iPhone customers, the way to get optimum results is through very different skill sets and training. To get the best result, be sure your digital agency has Android-specific expertise.

At MessageMuse, we have both Android app developers and iPhone app developers who collaborate to bring you the best of both worlds.

Don’t trust your creative ideas or your customer outreach to those who do app development when they have to. Instead, trust your custom apps to the company with specialized resources to give you the best product available. Contact MessageMuse and let’s talk about your next project.

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