Why Android Apps ‘Not Installed’ Error Occurs?

Sometimes Android apps are stuck to install and that can be pretty frustrating if it happens continuously. Hence, it's necessary to get into the core of the error message“application not installed”. Let’s dig deep into the issue so that we can find a solution. Why Does it Fail to Install Android Apps? 1. Insufficient Storage: If you don't have sufficient [...]

20 Interesting Android Phone Settings You Should Know About

An Androidphone brings you a lot of interesting and usable features. In this guide,we are going to shed light into 20 lesser-known customization for your phone.For your information, the following instructions specifically apply to Android10, and Android 8.0 Oreo. 1. Increase Font Size To make adjustments follow the steps: Open the “Settings” Choose “Display” Then, “Advanced” And finally, click “font-size” [...]