How to Develop Cost-Effective Mobile App for Your Business

You must be thinking why you need to get into mobile app development for your business. You will be surprised to know that in 2020 mobile apps are generating 581.9 billion U.S. dollars of revenue

Cost effective Mobile App Development Strategies:

Strategies that can help you cut down the unnecessary costs:

Research – If you carry out a thorough research on different aspects, you will get the desired results in diminished costs.

Your organization’s background – Your team must have a clear idea about your goals, project estimates, as well as business values.

General Idea of the App – Have a complete understanding of the app development project and your target niche

Budget – Provide the developers with the proper budget to follow

Time – Set deadlines for mobile app development project completion

Right app development model – If you follow a fixed price model you will pay further for an extra modification. You can follow the app development models provided by different app development services. These companies help you reduce your costs through detailed guidelines.

Reuse content – Reusing content can help you save your costs and time as well.

Cross-platform app development – In cross-app development you code only once and deploy it across different platforms such as Android and iOS. It increases ROI because one app works for different operating systems.

The Right Approach to Development –  Follow the mobile app development guidelines according to the time, budget, and business requirements of the client. You may take from one of the approaches as mentioned below:

(i) Native – Native app is built for a specific platform that requires definite skills. These apps are time consuming, costly and can deliver the best user experience.

(ii) Web – Web apps are based on JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code. It’s low in cost, easy to develop and less powerful as compared to native apps.

(iii) Hybrid – This approach merges the native and web app development approaches and combines the benefits of both. Consequently, it creates exclusive features, and enhanced web code.

The most influential cost development factors are:

  • Location and vendor type
  • The number of features you decide to integrate into your app
  • Complexity and nature of features
  • Development approach and size of your team
  • Development approach native, hybrid, or mobile web, etc.
  • The complexity of UX/UI designs
  • Back-end infrastructure

Besides, the following elements will also help you understand mobile app development costs.

Native vs. hybrid app – Which development platform you choose affects the final costs of mobile app development.

Native apps are built for particular platforms with the help of tools, SDK, and languages offered by the platform vendor (e.g. Eclipse/Java for Android, Objective-C or Xcode for iOS, Visual Studio/C for Windows Phone). As these apps are developed for each system separately, the costs are increased according to the number of platforms you want to build for Native.

On the contrary, cross-platform or hybrid is compatible with multiple operating systems which saves a lot of money by going through mobile app development for all different platforms.

However, due to better performance, versatility, technical superiority, and overall functionality developers choose native apps. This might be the reason why 42 percent of the developers use react native.

Android vs. iOS app – Android and iOS app development cost almost the same. Apps on both platforms can be built simultaneously and can be launched at the same time. 

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