Why Businesses Should Go for Android App Development?

In the world of technology, users prefer mobile devices instead of desktops. It has resulted in the growth of mobile app development industries in the USA. A report suggests that there are nearly 5 billion mobile users around the globe. 

Mobile apps are playing a huge role in app development companies. A report suggests that mobile usage saves around 7.5 hours per week and about 82% of business believes that it assisted them in gaining more profit.

When it comes to choosing the app development platform, Android certainly dominates the smartphone arena. Around 80% of mobile devices are using the android platform. If you don’t have a business app yet, it’s high time for you to get one. Well-developed apps can take your business to unprecedented heights. You might face the dilemma when it comes to choosing the iOS vs Android app development platform.

Why Choose Android for your Enterprise App Development?

There are lots of factors that attract users to the Android. Some of them are as follows:

 Caters Well to Beginners:

The open-source technology is easy to grasp for the business owners, both startups as well as big enterprises.

Variety in Customization:

Customization ensures that your app stands out from the rest. For this you need to customize your app according to your business requirements. Compared to iOS, Android app development offers you more flexible options when it comes to integrating the unique features of your choice into your app.

Greater Customer Reach:

Android has now become a necessity for most businesses. It’s reaching out to the users worldwide.


The mobile app development process must be successful so that it can communicate your brand story and connect the users to it. It terms of app development cost, Android overtakes the competition, as it has very efficient yet cost-effective tools. It proves to be very economical to build solid features.

Excellent Marketing Tools:

Right after development, the first priority of businesses is app’s marketing. The platform offers you efficient marketing tools for mobile app design and development. It supports brand visibility, increases the volumes of conversions, and boosts sales. Applications based on Android can be easily incorporated into a business website as well as in social media accounts. For optimizing the campaigns, you can easily gather all essential data like consumers’ interests, demographics, and buyers’ behavior.


Android offers you a great advantage with its ability to install not only from its huge marketplace but also from any other source. The app is easily tested and installed on different devices. SDK tool makes it easy. Users can download the app on their devices directly or through the command line.

Lower Entry Barrier:

Android proves to have a lower entry barriers compared to iOS app development. In the android market, all that’s required for developers is to get your android package (APK) ready and have it forwarded it to android. Android development can be carried out on Mac, Linux as well as Windows operating system. For android, there’s a much lower entry barrier and simpler approval process.

Simple Integration:

Going through the integration process can be frustrating for many businesses. Some enterprises may want to upgrade their existing business while others could need something a little more complex. With android app development, businesses are certain to get all customization benefits. Hence it’s possible to fulfill specialized business requirements.

Penetration of Various Devices:

Android is dominant everywhere. The platform offers responses from different types of devices. From tablets to smart TVs, video games to digital cameras, car systems to smartwatches, and most of other such devices run on the Android operating system. Media players, drones, and smartphones use android. The number of devices that are based on android is increasing day by day.

For development, it offers lots of opportunities and users can expect unique experiences. Developers can meet the users’ expectations of mobile app design and development. That can not only strengthen the base of businesses but also increase overall profit by several folds. The experts can design and build applications for a range of devices such as TVs, wearables and in-car systems.

Social Apps:

The optimization of social apps for android is growing. It’s easily integrated with various social networks. That’s why business owners with a strong interest in social media always prefer Android. If you want to go social, android is always the best choice.

High-end App Solutions:

With the combination of advanced technologies like AR and VR, it’s easy to offer high-end mobile app design and development solutions. Due to its broader scope for innovation, Android opens the doors for a wide range of business opportunities.

Unique Functionalities:

Android’s international presence is one of its greatest advantages. It allows the developers to add functionalities for specific users with advanced android tools. The advanced technology helps in creating custom applications based on android platforms.

Easy to Adopt:

Developers undergo mobile app development based on programming language java. Anyone who has sufficient knowledge in java can successfully create an android app. Java developers are interested in creating an app on Android operating system (OS) because it’s easy to code. The powerful language can be easily used in various devices as well as operating systems.

Open Supply:

Due to the open-source platform technology, it lowers the package licensing price that results in lower investment and greater return on investment (ROI). Developers can receive more features that are restricted in iOS applications.

Customized User Interface:

One of the best functionalities that android mobile app development offers is highly customizable interfaces. It’s very easy to customize and manage android applications. Enterprises can produce bespoke apps and can add worth to them with add-on options.

Bespoke apps offer various customization options. With the help of this perform all business necessities are addressed and the goal is met.

Android has a sturdy OS that combines all types of modifications and allow changes to apps for future enhancements.

Managing All Business Process Via Single App:

It can be a great platform to manage various business processes due to its wide range of functionalities. It has some excellent benefits to handle the complicated business process.

Extraordinary Graphics Support:

Android app development offers assistance for optimal designs. Highly intuitive and innovative designs are available in the app market.

Several Sales Channels:

Android deploys apps in multiple ways, reaches multiple audiences, and boosts the goal of the app. Developers can publish it on google play store and other sales channels.

Customer Feedback:

The apps developed for organizations can send and receive clients’ feedback. The end user can be kept updated about the newly added versions of the app, just in case any changes are made.

Quicker Promotion Time:

Android development tools beat the competition by facilitating fast development and integrations. Experts can easily undergo mobile app design and development in very little time. Quick development successfully leads the app to the fast market launch.

Security Enhancement & Versions Upgrades:

With each update, the security of the app is enhanced. Advanced functionalities are also added. Google updates strengthen the performance with each upgrade. In case of the release of the new version, the automatic system sends the notifications.

GooglePlay Store:

Apps are easily available from the Google Play store. Google applications can be updated from time to time each team bug is fixed or an update is added. Play Store is the best platform for an app that needs constant update. Users can monitor the feedback and get the crash reports.

Easily Accessible:

Being an open-source platform, mobile device and tablet companies can easily get access to it. Therefore, there’s a huge demand for it in the electronic market. 

According to a recent report, Android makes up the largest extent of the market. That’s why a greater number of manufacturers tend to choose android instead of iOS. Developers can easily process mobile app design and development. 

Innovative & Creative

Due to its open-source nature, it’s easy for developers to create apps in innovative ways. The freedom and innovation results in improved quality and functionality. Google uses extensive designs to create an engaging, intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Better Hardware Range:

Android is compatible with various devices from a wide range of manufacturers all across the globe. Developers incorporate various features into the device and compare the features with the high-end model and expensive phone devices to make it available for all.

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