You can automate your business by becoming a part of the mobile app marketing strategy for branding. The mobile app improves customer experience, offers the best customer service and boosts sales. It offers real-time sales solutions and serves as a powerful brand marketing tool.

Statista reveals that in 2020, mobile app ad spending in the USA is projected to increase to 64.1 billion U.S. dollars. This shows how mobile apps play a great role in branding business through allowing advertisements.

Customer Connection with Apps for branding:

It successfully connects customers with your brand.

Personalized Content – Personalizing your website content according to customers’ needs result in maximum engagement.

Push-Notifications – Reminding users through push-notifications increases the number of downloads.

The following simple rules help you create perfect push-notifications:

  • Know your niche
  • Write compelling content
  • Drive cross channel customer interaction

In-App Messaging – Messaging is the best way to keep your customers engaged. It creates a direct connection between marketers with the target audience and opens a way for branding.  

Increasing Brand Awareness:

You can use innovative ways to let your target audience know about your product. You can invite influencers into your niche, as any mentions can expand the reach.

Double-Down on Social – Mobile app acts as a means for brand marketing on all different social platforms.

Statista reports in 2020 that advertisers are going to spend over 37.71 billion dollars to advertise on social media networks. Social media platforms are hyper-focused on increasing your social network and expanding your product to the growing social community.

Using Branded Packaging – You can make special packaging for your product with the help of customized packaging services. Branded packaging adds value to your product, assists in branding, and distinguishes it from others in ultra-competitive mobile app marketing.

Do Your SEO Research – In-depth research for finding the best SEO techniques to optimize your app, can be of great help in brand marketing.

Collecting Customer’s Data:

One of the best ways to use your app as a marketing channel is tracking the users’ behavior. You can use tools to discover the customers’ browsing habits, favorite hours of mobile usage, and buying interests. This way, you can understand your audience and make improvements in your app. 

On-Boarding – When registering on an app, you can offer a list of questionnaires about buying interests, age, and habits. You can use it as a means to know your customers’ preferences.

Bonuses – Bonuses and discounts are the best way of branding business and increasing the number of your customers. You can give special offers to the users during registration for completing the questionnaire.

In-App behavior – Keeping track of the in-app users’ behavior assist in brand marketing. It involves analyzing and monitoring product reviews.

How to Increase Brand Awareness?

Increasing Loyalty:

Gaining customer loyalty is extremely important in the business world to increase brand awareness. It’s essential to build the trust to make them your true fans.

Growing Your Target Audience:

Your app can reach the audience from all across the world. Location-based content, geo-targeted push notifications, location-based call-to-action, and exact location mapping can promote your app to the right people, promote branding business, and drive more effective sales. 

User-Friendly Mobile App Interface:

Simpler, intuitive, user-friendly interface enhances not only enhances customer experience but also increases sales ratio. You must maintain app quality so that it can offer a seamless user experience, and increase brand awareness.

Social Network Marketing via Apps:

You can synchronize your app with different social networks, as they offer a great platform for businesses to go viral. Creating campaigns can gather a huge number of customers. Sharing photos, videos, and running social media contests result in a greater number of followers.

Guest Content:

Guest posting is a great way to promote your product and services to a wider audience. For quality branding business, you need high quality, valuable and memorable content that can introduce your product and services to the new audiences.


Infographics help you display all-important marketing data and interesting statistics. It proves to be a major tool for brand marketing.

Referral programs:

Smart referral programs help you generate millions of word-of-mouth resulting in many sign-ups. For instance, dropbox offers 500MB storage as a reward to the users for referring the service to their friends.

LinkedIn Publishing:

You can set up your company on LinkedIn, share posts regarding your products or services and promote them further once published.

Influencer Marketing:

Getting friends in high places increases the number of customers. You can search for existing influencers around you, build a strong partnership, enhance brand awareness, share your brand story with your partner’s network.

Native Advertising:

Native advertising helps you reach new customers. You can create native ads with relevant messaging to attract followers.

Statista shows that by 2022, Affiliate Marketing spending is expected to reach 8.2 billion US dollars.

Social media Ads:

You can run ads on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other channels. And target your potential customers according to the user’s specific interests, preferences, location, age, behaviors, and device type.

How to Measure Brand Awareness?

Direct Traffic – Direct traffic is the result of users who directly come to your site by typing your site’s URL in search engines. These are the customers who are already aware of your brand. You can measure the amount of direct traffic with the help of web analytics. It’s easy to measure your site’s direct traffic by reviewing the number of users visited your site over a specific period.

Measure Referral Traffic – The quality and amount of referral traffic also help you gauge where you stand when it comes to brand awareness. However, when calculating the metrics, make sure the traffic is relevant to your brand story.

Earned Media Value – With the help tracking tools you can find out all the mentions of your brand on the web. You can track engagement as well as branding effort ROI.

Back-link Success – Calculate the organically gained back-linksthat you gained through your brandmarketing strategies. Organic back links prove that your website is atrusted place with valuable and meaningful content.

Social Media Activities – Count the number of followers you have on different social media marketing channels.Track not only the followers but also the likes, comments, and shares to measure brand awareness.

Share of Voice (SOV) – SOV acts as a measurement tool to see where you stand as compared to your competitors in terms of brand visibility. Knowing your SOV helps you with your position in the market, and you get a better understanding of all the challenges you face in the field.

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