Benefits of Using Chatbots in Your Business for Customer Service & Sales

Most businesses and digital marketing services are embracing the current day digital transformation for improving the internal processes as well as modernizing customer communications.

According to a report by Statista 85% of consumers want to buy an item by communicating through chatbots. Another report suggests that over 80% of businesses will have Chatbot automation by the end of 2020.

In 2020, artificial intelligence is playing a massive role in small and big enterprises. Due to the increasing use of social media platforms and chatbots, a lot of businesses are adopting them for messaging purposes such as MessageMuse – a Mobile Application Marketing Agency.

Advantages of Chatbots for Businesses:

Chatbot is a way to the future for enterprises because over 80% of consumers report a positive experience. It reduces the expenses of live chat support and saves the users time. There are numerous benefits of implementing chatbots for local business optimization. The key point is how you can use it to drive maximum results.

Customer Engagement – Virtual assistants like AI Chatbots can offer 24×7 customer service and keep the consumers engage. They manage customer requests and maximize customer satisfaction with instant response. 

24*7 Support – It is not possible to take the help of a customer service representative 24/7. Bots can handle all queries with anytime responses. So, they are beneficial even after business hours.

Instant Answer – Consumers don’t have to wait for hours and hours for assistance. Any wait can lead to frustration and make the users unhappy. The smarter way to use the digital assistant can ensure 100% customer responses by leaving the expected response.

Orders & Booking – Several customers want to buy items using a chatbot. Therefore, enterprises can leverage the chatbots to automate appointments and orders, making it possible for consumers to book directly from your official website or social media account. 

Lead Generation – Bots engage your customers through personalized messaging on any social marketing platform. They assist them in making a quick choice. These boots ensure the flow of the audience in the right direction and result in higher conversion rates.

Personalized Response – You can offer personalized recommendations by presetting the questionnaire. You can improve sales conversion by adding discount coupons or combo offers and increase the chances of converting the website visitors into your customers.

Save Your Time – Time means money in a business. Bots are the best way to make the best of your time. They empower you with first level support and filters the customers’ respond quickly.

Reduced Costs – Bots reduce operational expenses. A report says that they save over $8 by the end of 2020.

Real-Time Conversation – bots deliver one-on-one conversation through its fastest response channel. They ensure real-time interactions, it is time-saving and cost-saving for both business and clients.


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