Why is App Development So Expensive?

In the USA, The median app development cost is around $150/hour.

Moreover, with 275.66 million users in the USA, mobile app development is becoming one of the most profit-making businesses.

Almost everyone has a mobile device in their pocket. Frequent use, round-the-clock demand, constant tech exposure is what makes mobile app a matter of business for startups, mid-scale as well as large-scale entrepreneurs.

The good news is app development cost is not as high as you think. Plenty of resources have created mobile apps and are now running a very successful business. Surprisingly, worldwide businesses are able to generate 581.9 Billion U.S. Dollars in 2020. That is projected to reach U.S.$935.2B in 2023.

How Can You Start a Business Using a Mobile App?

Just like other successful entrepreneurs, you too can create an app and generate maximum revenue without worrying over mobile app development cost

Steps towards making your mobile app:

  • Forming App Idea
  • Undergoing In-depth Market Research
  • Checking idea’s Validity
  • Finding Strength & Weaknesses
  • Defining Target Audience
  • Determining App’s Key Functionalities
  • Choosing the App’s Name, Color, Tone, Logo
  • Writing App Description That Sells
  • Keeping in Mind Audience’s Needs
  • Determining App Development Cost Factors
  • Mapping Out Business Goals
  • Choosing Right App Platform - Android or iOS
  • Choosing Between Native, Hybrid or Cross-Platform
  • Choosing Between Different App Monetization Models - Freemium apps, Paid (premium) apps, In-app purchases, In-app ads, Sponsorships
  • Building an App Marketing Strategy
  • Planning Mobile App Store Optimization
  • Finding Unique Selling Point
  • Creating Pre-Launch Buzz

Besides, there are numerous app development service providers, offering you full-stack apps and affordable app development cost rates. You can hire them to achieve your business goals.

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