The Most Popular Mobile App Development Languages

2020 is going to see a new rise in mobile app development that can work in real-time for almost all types of businesses.

According to a survey, everyday cell phone users touch their phones 3000 times and spend an average of two hours on their phones. Cellphones are an integral part of our daily lives. They can be used for accomplishing hundreds of different tasks or just for fun. Creating a smartphone app is also fun. It needs a little more knowledge, guidance, and different programming languages. That’s why we’re going to shed light on the top programming languages required for mobile app development.


Java is an official language of Android apps. Many apps only use java. It is also the most supported language for Google Play store. In any case of bugs or glitch Java has a big online community to resolve these issues. Java is a complicated language for beginners and it contains complex topics like concurrency, null, checked exceptions, pointer exceptions, SDK, and more. To experience the full benefits of Android app Java is a great language to learn.


Kotlin is introduced as a secondary official language in mobile app development. It can be used in place of Java. Kotlin is a cross-platform language and the only difference between the two languages is that Kotlin removes the feature of null pointer exceptions. Kotlin is much simpler and understandable than Java, that’s why beginners can learn it easily.


C++ is used for mobile app development using NDK. C++ alone is not enough to build an entire app, NDK is used to implement parts of the app. C++ is less flexible than other languages and is complex to make setup. If used without enough care it can increase bugs and errors.


C# is ideal for developing apps and is rather similar to Java in usage. Earlier when C# was made, it could be used only on Windows. However, later Xamarin has solved that problem. Now Xamarin tools can be used to write codes and share codes between multiple platforms.

There are lots of apps such as messenger, calculator, games, that use Java, Kotlin, C++, C#, Python, and HTML. When it comes to mobile app development no language can be called the best and correct language. So it’s your choice to choose the one that suits your needs. Whatever language you choose to make an app it will expand your growth as a developer.

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