20 Interesting Android Phone Settings You Should Know About

An Androidphone brings you a lot of interesting and usable features. In this guide,we are going to shed light into 20 lesser-known customization for your phone.For your information, the following instructions specifically apply to Android10, and Android 8.0 Oreo.

1. Increase Font Size

To make adjustments follow the steps:

Open the “Settings”

Choose “Display”

Then, “Advanced”

And finally, click “font-size” to make changes

2. Find Your Phone

To maximize recovery chances of your Android Phone, keep the android tracking system activated. To activate, follow the steps:

Open ‘Settings’

Go to ‘Security’

Tap ‘Find My Device’

3. Tweak the Quick Settings panel

Drag down quick settings from the top menu, and quickly access Bluetooth, wi-fi, flashlight, and so on. Besides, the list allows you to add more shortcuts.

4. Reduce data usage

To switch on this handy feature on an Android Phone:

Open “Settings”

Pick “Network & Internet

Then ‘ Data Saver”

5. Stop new apps from creating shortcuts

During app’s installation, choose ‘Home Settings’ from the popped up menue and turn off the option of ‘Add to Home Screen”.

6. Rotate the home screens

Open “Settings”

Go to “Display”

Then “Advanced”

And you see “Auto-rotate Screen”

7. Project your phone on a bigger screen

Go to ‘Connected Devices’

Select ‘Cast’

8. Change app permissions

Go to ‘Settings’ of the Android phone

Tap ‘Apps & Notifications’

Hit ‘See All Apps’

Tap ‘Permissions’

9. Control battery use

Open ‘Settings’

Tap ‘ Battery’

Then ‘Battery Usage’

Select ‘Battery Optimizations’

Hit ‘Not Optimized’

Then ‘All Apps’

Finally, choose an app and select the option of ‘Don’t Optimize’

10. Wake your phone with your voice

Hit ‘Settings’

Then ‘Voice’

Choose ‘Voice Match’

Next ‘Access with Voice Match’

11. Free up more memory

Open ‘Settings’

Tap ‘Storage’

And finally, turn on ‘Smart Storage’ for Android Phone

12. Adjust lock screen timing

From “Settings” head to “Display”

Hit “Advanced”

Tap “Screen Timeout”

13. Customize notifications from specific contacts

In ‘Settings”, Under “Sound” you will find “Phone Ringtone” option.

14. Change volume levels separately

Open ‘Settings’

Open ‘Sound’ Menu

Press the physical volume button to see the slider.

15. Unlock your phone in your car

From ‘Security’ head to ‘Smart Lock’ and then ‘Trusted Devices’.

16. Turn on Wi-Fi automatically

From ‘Settings’ head to ‘Network & Internet’ on Android Phone

Then ‘WiFi’ & ‘WiFi Preferences’

Finally, tap ‘Turn on Wi-Fi Automatically’

17. Change notification priorities

Open ‘Settings’

Tap ‘Apps & Notifications’

Pick an app or see the full app list and Choose ‘Notifications’

18. Quickly switch between apps

On Android 8.0 you can see all apps by tapping on the overview button, and thus you can switch between apps easily.

 19. Change emoji mode

On the keyboard tap the emoji button. Press and hold the individual icon to change the emoji mode, skin colour, and gender etc.

20. Show emergency information

Open ‘Settings’

Tap ‘About Phone’

Hit ‘Emergency Information’

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