Why Android Apps ‘Not Installed’ Error Occurs?

Sometimes Android apps are stuck to install and that can be pretty frustrating if it happens continuously. Hence, it’s necessary to get into the core of the error message“application not installed”. Let’s dig deep into the issue so that we can find a solution.

Why Does it Fail to Install Android Apps?

1. Insufficient Storage:

If you don’t have sufficient storage on your phone, the download cannot be completed. However, new android devices have more than enough space for storing data, hence insufficient storage is rarely an issue now.

2. Corrupted/Contaminated App File:

If you try to install Android apps from a platform other than google, the browser maydownload some contaminated files along with the app.

There is no problem with using another platform. But you need to check the extension’s authenticity. And make sure that it won’t install any contaminated files.

3. Storage Location

Some apps are installed when stored on the device’s internal space. Hence, make sure that you’re trying to save the app in the internal memory.

4. SD Card Not Mounted

Numerous Android apps can be installed to SD cards. However, sometimes it fails because the memory card is not mounted.

5. Corrupted Storage:

Sometimes the storage has contaminated elements that restrict the installation of the new files. Make sure to remove the unwanted data that disturb storage and app installation.

6. Application Permission:

Software operations that run in the background also restrict the installation of new Android apps.

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