What Does an Android App Developer Do?

First of all, you need to have the good programming knowledge to understand what an android app developer does. Learn basic programming principles such as Design patterns, SOLID and DRY. Don’t get stressed if you find these topics uninteresting and extremely technical, you would get used to the terms that are used repeatedly.

How Does an Android Developer Work?

Bottom line is, an android app developer builds a UI and keeps focusing on user interaction with it.

What’s the Career Growth Rate?

In today’s tech world, your career growth rate graph would stay almost the same in the next few years. You have more opportunities to improve product quality and keep yourself in touch with quality customers.

What Are the Core Concepts?

Here are listed all core concepts for an android app developer.

1- Having a good knowledge of graphic pipeline

2- Knowing how to build custom views and animations

3- Thorough research on sensors, file systems, storage, touch, gestures, and notifications.

4- Understanding and practicing the creation method of inside out

5- Good knowledge of factors that will impact the startup time of an App

6- Measuring performance of App

7- Optimizing App

8- Collecting, listing and working on data

Apart from building a complete UI system as an android app developer, you can also work on creating tools for others. Likewise, GOJEK, Square, and Uber are Big companies that have hundreds of agents dedicated to such work. Their work includes improving the efficiency of already built products, working on APK size, building a framework of apps, graphics, and more. Just reading a book or doing research isn’t enough, you need to practice to really learn.

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